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Friday, December 4, 2009

Another scam trying to steal peoples money to buy Chimpanzees

First off poster, Chimpanzee aren't monkeys, they are apes, so IF you really had one you certainly would know the difference! She lives in a BOX? First, the poster says the Chimpanzee is a she, then a he. Chimpanzees don't snuggle up for a nap either! Get a life person, no instead GET A REAL JOB and stop trying to take people's money!!!! You can't even buy a good dog for 300.00!!!! Your such a joke.


Kiki is the little sister to Opie and got his winning personality and then some! Personality-wise, she might not only be the best monkey we have have ever had - but the best we have ever seen. Born on July 2, 2009, Kiki has turned out to be very strong. She was one the best eaters we have ever had (some babies don't take the bottle very well). Best of all, Kiki is very sweet, loves her Daddy, and has one of the most even temperaments of any monkey we have ever raised. Even with pain from teething, she never cries or fusses and goes in and out of her box as she sees fit! This beautiful little baby likes to chew fingers, suck her thumb, and play with toys! he never cries when it is time for bed and doesn't tear things. She loves to play, give kisses, and snuggle up for a quick nap . Contact Information
Address: Anaheim, California, United States

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