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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chimpanzee Kidneys for People?

This is awful!

Partial Story-

Despite the lack of success in transplanting baboon kidneys, doctors did not stop trying. A year later, chimpanzee kidneys were transplanted into 12 patients in New Orleans. Most patients died soon after but one survived nine months with no signs of rejection. This small “success” allowed surgeons to go further, this time transplanting a chimpanzee heart into a 68-year-old male, who only survived for a mere two hours. Five years later, in 1969, while Buzz Aldrin was walking on the moon and Jimi Hendrix was rocking Woodstock, a little child received a liver transplant from a chimpanzee. The child only survived one day.

The most famous xenotransplantation occurred in 1984. The Baby Fae case sparked an international debate on the ethical use of xenotransplantation. Stephanie Fae Beauclair, better known as Baby Fae, was an American infant born in 1984 with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She became the first infant subject of a xenotransplant procedure, receiving the heart of a baboon. The procedure, performed by Leonard L. Bailey at Loma Linda University Medical Center, initially appeared to be successful, but Fae died 21 days later of a kidney infection. Despite the constant failure of using primates in surgery, doctors continued to research the subject. In 1992, the most successful case of xenotransplantation occurred, when a four-drug cocktail assisted a baboon liver transplant. The patient died 71 days later of a brain hemorrhage, which was unrelated to the typical rejection seen in cross-species transplantation.

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