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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Comment on PETA Site in Regards To Jeanne Rizzotto, The Chimpanzee Owner

May13th Jeanne of Jeanne Rizzotto's professional background on ZoomInfo had an awful to say. How about we take a look at her resume...Google Billings Gazette + Rizzotto Chimps for an eye full, and make sure to read all of the comments after the article.I can promise you it will be eye opening, and might shed some light on her B.S. with the accusations she is so quick to throw out there about others.

This is just one quote from the Billings Gazette article (mentioned above)...

Keep It Wild said 1 week ago
This woman is as crooked as anyone I have ever met. She is a horrible developer who would love nothing more than to turn the entire state of Montana into one big subdivision. She has no business "owning" those chimps, they are African animals and belong in Africa. Certainly not in small town Montana where something like this was bound to happen sooner or later. I agree with CMM, they are extremely strong and unpredictable. Someone ought to turn her in to PETA or something and get some heat put on her to send her "children" back to the rainforests where they belong!

This comment was made in regards to Rizotto's own chimps getting loose and biting a woman taking 6-8 inches of skin out of her arm just weeks ago. It's all Sad...but True!

Posted by: L.C. | November 20, 2008 05:12 PM


Here is a post that Jeanne Rizzotto did in regards to the movie Speed Racer. This was about the time that Jeanne Rizzotto contacted me, unfortunately. She made me believe that Mike was actually abusing the chimpanzees, including hers. Later, I found out, that her words and e-mails were nothing but lies, to try to get me to hurt him because of her lost love affair. (I have all e-mails printed up to prove this). I was tricked, that's for sure! She used my love and caring for all Chimpanzees for her own vendetta against Mike. I don't approve of any chimpanzees being housed in private settings or pseudo sanctuaries, but I also don't believe in accusing someone of something they didn't do! I still to this day regret the day I wrote her back, though my heart, as always, is for the chimps. I can and WILL provide these facts if need be.

Her post on the PETA Files.

I can tell you first hand that the chimp Kenzie was consistently harmed during the movie speed racer because I know Mike Casey, owner of Kenzie, personally and spoke with and/or text him 100s of times during his stay in Germany while filming. He would share with me when Kenzie was good or bad for the day and his favorite thing to do is hit Kenzie on the head with his class ring. Mike has spent a lot of time at my home in Montana with Kenzie and he would anger me with the way he treated Kenzie just because he was, well, being a chimp!!

Posted by: Jeanne Rizzotto | May 13, 2008 02:02 PM


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