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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Decembers Monthly Article-Chimp Haven And Jeanne Rizzotto

Chimp Haven and Jeanne Rizzotto

About a month ago, I was alerted by a reader for a page on E-Bay for a painting by a few Chimpanzees. These paintings were being sold by Jeanne Rizzotto, of Red Lodge Montana. She is the owner of Connor and Kramer, the Chimpanzees. It seems she had set up a shop on E-Bay to sell the paintings that her Chimpanzees had made, and was marketing them for the price of $300.00. Along with the advertisement on Ms. Rizzotto’s store, there was an actual message that 25% of the proceeds of each sale would be sent to Chimp Haven, The National Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Louisiana. I was mortified! Here was a private Chimpanzee owner, exploiting her Chimpanzees by actually selling their paintings on E-Bay, and was giving money to this Sanctuary! I immediately attempted to contact the sanctuary, to confirm that in fact Ms. Rizzotto had their permission to advertise through the exploitation of her pet Chimpanzees on their behalf. I went to their website and found the email address of the Director of the Sanctuary, Dr. Linda Brent. I sent Dr. Brent a long email, describing what I had seen and found.

That was over a month ago, and still the E-Bay site is still active, and Chimp Haven is still advertised on the site. Here is why this is all so wrong. After the Travis and Charla incident last February, Dr. Brent was observed by this writer on numerous television shows and in news articles, decrying the private ownership of Chimpanzees. Her message was loud and clear to all that listened, and she was right – Chimpanzees do not belong in our homes. Not as Pets. Not as Entertainers. Not at all. Period.

The folks down at Chimp Haven have done an admirable job of giving former government owned research chimpanzees a permanent place of retirement, in a beautiful semi-tropical setting. The Board of Directors at Chimp Haven is full of people that share a common theme, of giving these wonderful animals a retirement of peace and safety. It is also a common theme among board members that chimpanzees do not belong in private hands. By allowing Ms. Rizzotto to use their name, image, and the “heart strings” of donations, they are supporting the very essence of everything the sanctuary, and the board, stand against.

Chimp Haven Sanctuary.
Source of connection between the two
For More Information on this, please read Novembers Monthly article

Update December 4th-
It looks as though Chimp Haven has had this connection taken down. Good for them!

I did some more research on Jeanne Rizzotto and found that she has many aliases such as, but not limited to:
  • Jeanne Rizzotto
  • Jeanne A. Rizzotto
  • Joanne A. Rizzotto
  • Jeanne A. Bachman
  • Jeanne A. Tomassi
  • Jeanne Bachman
  • Jeanne Rizotto (only 1 Z)
  • Jeanne Rizzoto (only 1 T)
  • Jeanne Tomassi
  • Joanne A. Bochman
  • Joanne A. Tomassi
  • Joanne Rizzoto (only 1 T)
  • Jean A Tomasi (only 1 S)+
  • Information found here
I wonder why she has gone by so many names?

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