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Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm Addicted To Chimpanzees, Says Gini Valbuena

In this article Gini Valbuena is quoted as saying that Kenya will return to her breeder in Miami, though Kenya is now at the Cat Sanctuary owned by the Rosaires Circus. They are making Kenya paint and making money off of her paintings.

Also quoted.... Daisy her 4 yr old and Coby her 8 yr old are there to stay. However, Daisy is at the Missouri Primate Foundation (breeders) and is being breed and babies taken from her and Coby also is there. One of Daisy's Babes has actually been sold to a couple in Virginia. I know this for a fact, I was given all of the names of all of the chimpanzees there at the breeding facility from someone that knows all of them.

"some people are addicted to alcohol, drugs or crime. I'm addicted to Chimpanzees" Gini Valbuena says.

Yes she is, however she never keeps them, at the current time she owns one Chimpanzee Babe, who's name is Eli. She states however that she is only his nanny, though being so addicted to them, how could she possibly not have one all to own her?

Kira also was once one of Gini Valbuenas chimps, you can see both Kira and Eli at the Big Cat Habitat where they are now exploiting Eli for encounters, the same thing Gini Valbunea has done for over 28yrs. They call themselves a "Sanctuary?" A real sanctaury would NOT have baby chimpanzee encounters! Look how sad Kira looks. Click here
They say she's a surrogate mother, egh, if Eli had been permitted to stay with his mom this "circus act" would not even be necessary! The lengths people will go to for money! If you take notice it even says contact Gini.

You really need to read this article, they used baby orangutans instead of flowers in her wedding! Disgusting to say the least!!!!! All those poor babies, where are they now? What about the mums mourning? What kind of person continues to do the same thing over and over again, especially now that the real facts are out? She had the nerve to condemn me for placing my chimps, at least I only made the mistake once after being educated, and they both have a wonderful home at the Little Rock Zoo.

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