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Friday, December 4, 2009

PETA Calls On McLean Hospital To STOP Radiation Testing On Monkeys

PETA Calls On McLean Hospital to Nix NASA Tests on Monkeys
Caged 'Monkeys' Up in Arms Over Planned Radiation Experiments
Went to Boston media

For Immediate Release:
December 3, 2009

Ashley Byrne at 757-622-7382

Boston -- Wearing monkey masks while locked inside small cages and holding signs that read, "Stop Radiation Tests on Monkeys," PETA members will protest outside Harvard's McLean Hospital in Belmont on Friday. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) plans to squander $1.75 million in taxpayer funds on cruel radiation experiments on monkeys. Harvard faculty will carry out the experiments at McLean Hospital. As many as 28 squirrel monkeys will be exposed to a massive dose of radiation and will then be locked in barren cages at the hospital for the rest of their lives. While there, the animals will be used in experiments to assess the damage the radiation causes--damage that will likely include cancer, premature aging, and cognitive decline.

"Monkeys are highly social, sensitive, and intelligent animals who suffer immensely in laboratories" says PETA Vice President of Laboratory Investigations Kathy Guillermo. "Condemning them to a lifetime of torment, pain, and confinement at McLean Hospital for another trivial NASA experiment about space travel is unjustifiable."

When: Friday, December 4, 12 noon

Where: Outside McLean Hospital, 115 Mill Rd. (outside main entrance), Belmont

PETA's letter to NASA is available upon request. For more information, please visit

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