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Monday, December 7, 2009

State of CT Won't Be Charging Sandra Herold For HER Chimpanzee, Travis Attacking Charla Nash!

There are SO many things wrong with this decision, which I'm sure I am only one of millions that think this way.

Let me just start out by saying that IF the state charged Sandra Herold of this then they would be holding them selves for future liability which in my opinion is the "ONLY" reason why this decision was made poorly.

The state is going on Sandra's words only, that in fact Charla Nash came over to help her put her dangerous animal inside. THOUGH, no one really knows what that call really was do we? Of course Sandra's going to defend herself, her finances, reputation and her pet chimpanzee. Charla on the other hand has a loss of memories, therefore, can not tell anyone what that actually phone call was. It could have been anything, as stupid as I can't get my car started. Why take the word of one person, Sandra Herold, in a 2 person situation? Isn't there always 2 sides to every story and the truth lies somewhere between.

I still remember Sandra saying in the media that she would do it all over again. How horrifying is that to say, when you just stabbed your own chimp, and watched someone that was "suppose" to have been a longtime friend get EATEN by your pet. No remorse, no shame, no compassion, just selfishness.

Sandra Herold stated that she did not know her pet chimpanzee was dangerous, come on, how stupid do you think the public is? Sandra had to give Travis Humans drugs just to be able to keep him calm, that surely sounds like she was aware that he was dangerous. There was a woman that spoke up in regards to Travis hurting her while he was in Sandra's car. Did Sandra not realize he was trying to hurt this woman? Come on. No one can be that oblivious about an animal that they raised for many years, slept with, bathed with and lived with.

My only hope is that Charla will remember the phone call, I don't wish that whole tragic night mare to come to her, but at least why she went over there, then her lawyers do something to the state, because they are the ones, in my opinion that lay fault on this situation. If the authorities had done their job properly when Travis got out of the vehicle, held up traffic for hours, many police officers were there, then Travis would have been place in a good sanctuary still alive, and Charla Nash would not even be in the news.

I find it so disheartening that the state cares that little about Charla, her life, her families lives, and only cares about their own liability. Like I always say MAN-KIND, where's the kind and right in the things? What's wrong with that woman?

State prosecutors will not press criminal charges against a Connecticut woman who owned a 200 pound chimpanzee that mauled her friend Charla Nash, leaving her blind and grotesquely disfigured.

Connecticut State attorney David Cohen called the attack a "horror" and said the facts were "uncontroverted."

But he declined to press charges against Sandra Herold who owned the chimp named Travis, saying Herold had not acted recklessly when she asked Nash to help cage Travis because the animal had never previously attacked someone.

"The investigation has not discovered any evidence that Mrs. Herold was aware of the risk that the chimpanzee posed and disregarded it. The animal had not previously exhibited violent behavior, especially toward the victim, Ms. Nash, with whom he interacted regularly, and who was present that day specifically because it was thought that she could help in controlling the chimpanzee," Cohen said in a statement.

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