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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Vanesse From Lola Ya Bonobo Gets A Nasty E-mail From Monkey Breeder, As I have been a victim of Jeanne Rizzotto


Once again, the Chimpanzee Information Blog would like to thank you for your awareness of the awful trade of Apes and Monkeys in our country. I'm so glad you decided to post this e-mail, it only shows the great lengths that these abusers will go to in order for the public not to know what they are doing. I look at it this way.... If your ashamed of what your doing, perhaps you shouldn't be doing it! These people are monsters, they dart the monkey mums and steal their babes for high dollars to people that have no idea what they are doing! Later on in life the monkey is no longer welcome and discarded, scarred from the emotional distress of never having a mum and forced to live like a human child in clothing, their teeth are pulled, eating human food, ending up as diabetics and sometimes death.

I also have been a victim of many nasty e-mails., by a Jeanne Rizzotto from Montana, who owns 2 Pet Chimpanzees, by the name of Connor and Kramer.

Even with all of this, I continue and will always continue to tell the truth, show the proof and will not be stopped by making awareness. I'm so glad to see that there is someone like yourself who also believes in the same cause and is willing to withstand the verbal and written abuse from the very people we tell the Truth about. Thank you and GREAT work, keep up the awareness. Don't let their lies and threats stop you!



This was in my inbox this morning:


While you most certainly have the right to express your opinion against primate ownership, you do however not have the rights to steal the content from our site to publish on your blog. Unless you have explicit permission from the owners of the pictures, you do not have the right to repost them on your site as you should know as a blogger. I’m sure you would not appreciate it if we would start publishing your pictures on our site. Please remove any stolen content from our site at once. I’ve already alerted some of the people involved to file a DMCA violation against you.

Thank you for your time!

Between my three blogs I have thousands of readers, many of you are faithful followers. So I’m asking you one thing that will really be of help to endangered primates all over the world:

From now on I’ll be posting links to these monkey breeding websites. Please go, visit them, and when you’re done, send your congress member the standard format letter I’ll have on the post.

How can we protect endangered animals in their indigenous countries if we in the US can buy and sell them as we please? How can we implore an African not to buy and sell chimpanzees and bonobos if we do exactly that?

I’ll soon have a whole new website, where all this information will be in one place. Every time an add using a monkey, chimp, or other primate appears in the media I’ll have the name and contact of the person in the company who hired them for you to write to. Every time a new primate is for sale on one of these websites, I’ll have the link, so you can see these infant primates who will grow up to bite, dressed in clothes. Spread the word, write to your representatives and together we can keep primates in the wild where they belong.

By the way, this might interest you all:

Thank you for your support, everyone.


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