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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Chimpanzees in Carbon County Face Book Discussion-Jeanne Rizzotto

Thank you posters for understandings and discussing these importance issues in regards to Chimpanzees. The more awareness there is, the better for both the Chimpanzees and the public. One of the posters on here was Jeanne Rizzotto's Chimpanzee babysitter. She contacted me via e-mail in regards to how many times she had been bitten by both Connor and Kramer. I can provide this information if requested by any authorities.

on March 27, 2009 at 2:13pm
Chimp Owner (Jeanne Rizzotto) Goes To Court Over Chimp Bite:

All Articles on the Chimpanzees in Carbon County and their owner, Jeanne Rizzotto:

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Keilee wroteon March 27, 2009 at 2:13pm
When the Chimps escaped, THEY CHASED CATS UP A TREE TOO!

Picture to prove it! :

Here they are opening doors to cars:

And getting into them! :

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Keilee wroteon March 27, 2009 at 2:33pm
Article on Chimps in Entertainment.

This is part of the Casey's "business" and this article is a good reflection of everything that happens at their "sanctuary"

Even while visiting, I witnessed them taking a two day old baby from its mother, literally having to rip it away from the mom and use huge chains and restraints to then remove the mother from the room where Connie held the baby, while Mike took the mother down to "the dungeon" (as Jeanne and I called it).
The dungeon was where all the adult chimpanzees were held and kept. The only way to describe it is like an animal shelter, or the pound. Just rows of kennels/cages that the chimps, baboons, or monkeys were kept, 24/7. The chimps that lived down stairs were all over the age of 4-5. They were put down there after they bit someone on set, bit someone at a "chimp party" or became too strong for Mike to handle. Some of the chimps that were down there were also adults that had to be returned back to the Casey's after their owners could no longer control them. These chimps didn't get to go outside, and only a couple got a window view. There were over 20 chimpanzees downstairs, in the basement..of their house!

Compared to the conditions at this place, yes, Jeanne's chimps do live in paradise.

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Keilee wroteon March 27, 2009 at 2:47pm
It is revealed that Suzy (A Chimpanzee owned by Mike & Connie Casey, who sold Jeanne Rizzotto her Chimps) was Travis's (the Chimpanzee who mauled the woman in Connecticut) mom. Travis and Suzy had the same fate, and were both shot while they escaped and were attacking.

The 18 year old who shot Suzy was put to trial and spent time in jail. But people harassed him that he "committed a murder" and was a "serial killer"

The Casey's posted a large sign on their property after Suzy was killed that read:
"In Loving Memory of Suzy," ... "Senselessly Murdered."
It names Coats as the murderer -- "maliciously killing with no justification" -- and gives his full name and address.
At the bottom is the parenthetical statement "He shot our dog in the leg 3 years ago."
To make sure the sign was visible at all times, floodlights were even installed.

The Caseys rented space in two newspapers, sending much the same message as the sign in their yard, but with a photo of Suzy. The Casey's also made "Suzy the Chimp" T-shirts

Link to one story:

Another article on this story:

Link to story discussing the sign/t-shirts made etc after Suzy was shot:
(there is a photo of Mike and Connie Casey to the right of the article)

Link to more information on the Casey's, Suzy, and 18 yr old that shot her:

Another link to Suzy's story, along with comments from Mike Casey, Jeanne Rizzotto is quoted on this site also, commenting on the treatment of Kenzie, a chimp Casey's use in Entertainment. This site also has statements from someone who previously bought two Chimps from the Casey's...talking about how easy it was to get one and how she does not support them being sold.

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Keilee wroteon March 27, 2009 at 2:47pm
A couple goes to an animal sanctuary to see their chimp they raised for decades...and gets attacked by chimps that escaped their enclosure. He lost his nose, and I attached a link to a photo of his face, along with his story.



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Keilee wroteon March 27, 2009 at 3:50pm
Reported Bites by Primates

The Casey's (I believe multiple times) along with Jeanne Rizzotto are on this list.

This list just goes to prove MORE that these are NOT pets, they are wild animals and should not be kept in homes by families or owned by individuals in communities.
Post deleted on March 27, 2009 at 4:35pm

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Tammy wroteon March 27, 2009 at 8:25pm
Thanks, Keilee for all the information! I would just like to bring it to everyone's attention that Keilee has received notification from Facebook that if she doesn't stop "spamming" our page, she will loose her facebook account! Everyone, please send a note to Facebook saying Keilee is posting information relevant to our cause!!!!!!

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Keilee wroteon March 28, 2009 at 1:58am
Oh, its all okay now. I just can't post like over 5 posts in a certain amount of time or it sends a message to their server or something that I'm a possible spammer. =D

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Libby wroteon March 28, 2009 at 8:10am
"Of all of the animals I've had under my care, my worst nightmares are about chimps getting loose," he said. "I'd almost rather face a tiger or polar bear."

Quote from the ZooMontana veterinarian!

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Keilee wroteon March 28, 2009 at 5:53pm
Judy Harrison, owned two chimps, Mikey & Louie, but placed them in the Little Rock Zoo in Oct. of 2008. Mikey was 7 and was 5, about the same age as Jeanne's. I wanna say that I have read somewhere that she got her two Chimps from the same place Jeanne got hers, Mike & Connie Casey, but I am not 100 percent positive.

Judy has contacted me about Kramer and Connor, and has also contacted Jeanne, urging her to put the "boys" in a facility that would be better for them. Judy has a very good understanding of chimps and giving them up.

This article of hers I found interesting, she discusses how the Chimps change as they get older, and go from being something you can treat like a baby, dress up and when they get older and are not manageable.

Judy also keeps up on Jeanne and her Chimps, and has a whole page dedicated to her and the boys.

If you read on her site she says the following about the videos that were on The Today Show:

link to gazette article with videos:

Videos- Please take note on the 3rd video down-

* Where the one Chimp aggressively reaches out and grabs Jeff Rosen's hand, breaks the skin in 3 places and it bleeds. Watch carefully as to what Chimp actually did the grab. Jeanne blames it on Kramer, the darker colored face Chimp on the left, when in fact it was the Chimp, Connor on the right with the lighter face that did the grab.
* That Kramer at the age of 6 yrs old is out with the public (reporters and staff) with no leash, collar or harness on. There was no control over that chimp! Jeanne Rizzotto was already instructed that the Chimps were under quarantine, which means no one in the house except her and her son, though she not only allowed the staff of the Today Show in, but also someone got hurt.
* When Jeanne reaches down to kiss Kramer, he gets up, leaves her, and goes to Jeff, a total stranger, rather then his caretaker?

Jeanne blamed the bite on Kramer, probably because Connor is the Chimp who has all the bites against him. Kramer is not showing the aggressive behaviors (yet!) like Connor. I have never been bit, scratched, or grabbed at by Kramer, it has always been Connor.

And NO, he is not "playing" when he scratches, reaches out at people and etc.. Jeanne, really, is that how they play with eachother? NO!

Also, if you watch the videos from the Today show, one of the videos end right as Kramer is starting to pry himself from Jeanne and trying to get away..she has to hold him tightly with both hands. (2nd video on the page) Also, in the videos...MANY times Jeanne has to remove Connor from the interviewer's arms..stop him from pulling, etc. Notice how she ALWAYS makes sure she is almost between them or very very close.

Jeanne did not tell the truth in this interview.. Neither of the Chimps are potty trained, they do not get to watch TV with her (anymore) and they do not sleep in her bed!!

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Keilee wroteon March 28, 2009 at 6:24pm
More Articles about Jeanne Rizzotto & the Chimps:

To get a good idea of Jeanne's history, here is a good site:


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