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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Brutal Attack From 2 Chimpanzees On St. James Davis and LaDonna

If anyone thinks that they want a Pet Chimpanzees, in this video there are many reasons why this is a horrible idea.

In Central Florida there have been Chimpanzee Sightings, which we all know they are NOT native of, which would mean that they were at one time someones pet, that either escaped or was let loose. Lets think about the owners over the years that have lived in Florida and have had allot of chimps, and those that have only perhaps had one, or the chimps used in entertainment.

A Gentleman from the Big Cat Rescue ( and please do not get this one confused with the Big Cat Habitat where the Rosaires Circus Chimps Live;Chimpfabulous), speaks about how Dangerous Chimpanzees are. In one of his statements he says that Chimpanzee Owners when buying Chimpanzee Babes do not anticipate how dangerous they will become. These encounters with these Chimpanzees can be devastating to say the least!

There are now at the present time 13 states that DO NOT have laws that regulate Chimpanzee ownership. In other words, all of these 13 states allow people to own these dangerous animals, CT being one, where the most recent attack took place on Charla Nash.
With that Chimpanzee only being a pet, there is NO ONE regulating them as far as how strong their caging is, their diets, their enrichment, their whole physiological and physical being.

That would mean that anyone, with the right money could go to the Missouri Primate Foundation, AKA chimpParty, with NO experience and buy a baby chimpanzee. (this is where most of the chimpanzees are purchased from). Please visit the site to see for yourself. At the present time there's a poor baby Chimpanzee, Mikayla, that has been taken from her mother and is being exploited for encounters! Please don't feed into this industry! Travis once was just like Mikayla. She states on her website "Who wouldn't want a Chimp at their party? This is the same misconception I had 8 years ago when I purchased Mikey the Chimpanzee. At the age of 6 years old he had already starting changing. To read more about myself and Mikey. Connie Braun calls herself a foundation?

For example Jeanne Rizzotto in MT who owns 2 Chimpanzees was suppose to hand over health records to the County after her chimpanzees escaped and bit a woman. (you can read that article on this blog). There has been no update in the news as to "IF" she ever provided those. Sandra Herold was not regulated, and was giving Travis, her Chimpanzees, human drugs. The owner of Timmy the Chimpanzee was not regulated, he escaped and was shot by police before he could hurt anyone. How many more people will get mauled, eaten alive before the authorise and the government do the right thing for not only the Chimpanzees but also for the incident public?

In this video St James Davis, a victim of an attack by 2 Chimpanzees, speaks about his attack. His attack lasted 15 minutes, just a few minutes longer then Charla Nash's attack.
Just imagine how long 15 minutes is when you are being eaten alive. A nightmare in itself to just think about, let alone having to go through it. The pain they suffered for not only those 15 minutes but also the aftermath of these attacks. It is a life changing nightmare for all Chimpanzee victims, and not to forget that these chimpanzees lose their life because someone decided they wanted to have them as a pet. These chimpanzees in both incidents were literally eating these people away. Their eyes, face, hands, genital areas, butt. How in the word can we as people and law makers not decide to make these animals TOTALLY illegal to own?

A must see video for a good education-

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