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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Sandra Herold Lawyer Issues a Statemtn About Horrific Attack By Travis The Chimpanzee on Charla Nash

A statement from the attorney for Sandra Herold, who will not be prosecuted in the February chimpanzee attack that severely injured her friend, arrived too late for use in Tuesday's story. Following is his entire statement:

"The decision of the Stamford State's Attorney's office to not prosecute Sandy Herold criminally for the tragic injuries inflicted upon her friend and employee Charla Nash, highlights the fact that this incident was an unforeseeable accident.

"Ms. Herold concurs in the assessment of the investigating authorities that no laws were broken in her ownership of Travis, and that there were no prior incidents involving Travis that were sufficient to place her on notice that he posed a danger to anyone in the community.

"As the state's press conference made clear, Charla Nash, Travis, and Sandy Herold interacted with each other on countless occasions over the years, without incident. That said, Charla Nash is always in the thoughts of Sandy Herold and each day she prays for a speedy recovery."


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