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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mountain Gorilla Veterinary Project, A Great Cause

Our Patients: For almost a quarter of a century, the Gorilla Doctors have been caring for sick and injured Mountain Gorillas. And now they also provide similar monitoring and medical care for the Grauer's Gorillas. Their work is critical to the survival of the species. Although they do intervene in certain natural life-threatening situations, their primary focus is dealing with the health hazards the gorillas face due to the direct and indirect impact of people: those hazards include many diseases (often respiratory in nature) - gorillas share over 98% of our DNA - as well as injuries due to snares set in the forest by poachers trying to catch small antelope.

Doctors in Action: Once an idea in the mind of the late Dian Fossey, the Mountain Gorillas Veterinary Project provides necessary medical care for this rare species inside its forested mountain home. In the last decade, the project has grown into a team of eight veterinarians and support staff whose priority remains the health of the Mountain Gorilla, but who also understand that the key to saving a species is to promote the health of the other animals who share its ecosystem—including humans. MGVP, Inc. was the first conservation group of its kind to adopt a “One-Health” approach and apply it to free-living population of endangered animals.

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