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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jeanne Rizzotto, Owner Of 2 Chimpanzees, Promotes Herself In The Rock Star Idea

Seems as though Jeanne Rizzotto likes the press


From Rock Stars To The Navajo Nation What Could They Possibly Have In Common; Or Is It Who?

30 years ago, a single mom and her four year old launched an idea with the help of Al Martinez, a reporter for the Los Angeles Times. What Mr. Martinez didn't know is what he did for her to lead her on the road to success ... 30 years later

PR Log (Press Release)Mar 15, 2008 – Dear Mr. Martinez: I am so happy to see you still working hard. My name is Jeanne Rizzotto (formerly Tomassi) and almost 30 years ago an article you did on my 4 year old son and myself eventually made me what I am today. I am not sure if you remember my "Rock Stars" but it took off, died, and from then on, with all the ups and downs, I made it. But it was from the article you wrote. My story did not end there and I am ready to go public now with something grand. I live in Red Lodge Montana now and would love to hear from you. In short, I will share below with you all involved and hopefully we can get together again. I would be more than happy to fly you here or I can fly there. This is my message to Mr. Martinez. Would you help me find him?

I have a "people story" that is out of this world. It is a unique rags to riches story which starts with Al Martinez and, through many ups and downs, ended with Bill Gates, Donald Trump and his book "Think Big and Kick Ass", Denzel Washington, Oprah, Elaine Wynn (Stephan Wynn's wife), Tom Arnold, the Paparazzi, Christie Walton (Wal-Mart), Jacqueline Mars (Mars candy), Diana Ross, credit cards, bounced checks, Los Angeles Firefighters, the Navajo Indians, Robert Trent Jones II, Bill Zanker (The Learning Annex), Tony Robbins, Creative Artists Agency, two chimpanzees, financing, myself and so much more. If this isn't one of your better stories ever ... I don't know what I will do since I know it is the best entrepreneurial story of the century. I made it and am ready to go public. I am contacting every newspaper, television station and hitting the internet so I hope you can take just one moment to call me first. Self-reassurance by googling me should prompt a phone call from you. And if I don't hear from you, thanks so much for a great life and believing in me.

CENTURY 21 The Summit, Inc.
Of Course RV Resort LLC
Dot.Calm Ranches LLC
RnR Elk Resort LLC
Jeanne Rizzotto, ME
224 S. Broadway
P.O. Box 834
Red Lodge, MT 59068
406-425-2004 (private number)


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