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Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Wizard Of Oz Has Her Curtain Pulled Aside-Jeanne Rizzotto, Chimpanzee Owner

Jeanne Rizzotto /Tomassi of Montana who owns 2 Chimpanzees has been in the media for the past year for legal problems, financial problems,bad check writing, being hospitalized, chimps escaping and biting (find all of these article here on this blog) and here is a story of how she first started saying she knew some day she would be a millionaire. Started making money off of her 4 year old son and his idea. I wonder if he had a college fund set up for him for all of the money she made off of him? I certainly hope so. Rock Stars. That's too funny.


I did some more research on Jeanne Rizzotto and found that she has many aliases such as:
  • Jeanne Rizzotto
  • Jeanne A. Rizzotto
  • Joanne A. Rizzotto
  • Jeanne A. Bachman
  • Jeanne A. Tomassi
  • Jeanne Bachman
  • Jeanne Rizotto (only 1 Z)
  • Jeanne Rizzoto (only 1 T)
  • Jeanne Tomassi
  • Joanne A. Bochman
  • Joanne A. Tomassi
  • Joanne Rizzoto (only 1 T)
  • Jean A Tomasi (only 1 S)+
  • Information found here
I wonder why she has gone by so many names and 2 different ages?


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