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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Colleen Layton of Frisky's wildlife and Primate sanctuary accused of bringing monkey into Dept store and getting sued

To clarify the one sentence that says she does not have a USDA license, at the time she didn't, but since then has obtained one.

In the next few days I will try to find that article and doc #

Friskys,Colleen Layton knows nothing about primate below and see if this is who you want information from. Her information comes from Monke--------------------------------------------------------------------------------

By RHONDA on Sunday, February 20, 2000 - 07:56 pm:


The Life saver Colleen Layton Owner of a So CALLED Sanctuary (FRISKYS) Seems to have made the news. But I am sure you good people only heard her about what a life saver she is and needs your money. Well it seems that Miss Layton made the Baltimore Sun news back in 1995.When Animal Control and Department of Natural Resources Police went to her place and took raccoons that she was breading from her and put them down. She has claimed to all her supporters that she is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Well not according to DNA Police. All the wildlife were her pets and her HOBBY but she still put out newsletters asking the public to support her hobby.If anyone is interested in the truth about this ,I will send a copy of the Baltimore Sun to Monkey Matters for all to view.

I have been reading about the Ritterspach's and their monkey that was taken by Animal Control and how Colleen Layton said they were irresponsible primate owners and packs her newsletters full of newspaper articles about how they took Jamie into the public and endangered the public. She feels they should never get Jamie back. Well,have your heard the saying :PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES, SHOULD'NT THROW STONES?

It seems that Miss Layton has had her own problems with taking monkeys out into the public. Such as the case in Howard County where she took her Pet monkey into a Department Store and the woman sued her for a million dollars. It is public record. It is case #90ca15092, the Department store was sued and Layton. Now if you are the SSA you would want to believe the story Friskys told and wouldn't want to believe that they help support her Hobby.You see if all her supporters took the time to check her out they would find that she is not USDA licensed is not Licensed with the State to be fundraising. If she were then she would have to explain where all those baby monkeys came from. If her supporters found out that their donations went to buy baby monkeys and support her hobby,they would look bad. Let me just say that Miss Layton has been stealing from the public and getting away with it that the money became soooooooooooo good she couldn't stop herself.
Comment found here
Please be sure to read the instructions of care for primates that Colleen Layton has written. She feeds her monkey gizmo PIZZA? And then people wonder why some monkeys are diabetic. Just the sugar in the sauce alone is not good for Primates. Why aren't they on a strict diet of monkey chow that all Primates are on when living in good sanctuaries and Zoos? Interesting.


  1. Anonymous4:19 PM

    i am curious about that article, and how can I find the record from the court case about the department store?

  2. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your question. The comment in regards to the dept store was not written by me, so I'm not quite sure. I'll be looking for that in the next few days. If or when I find it I will post the information from the news article.

  3. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Sounds like Judie Harrison doesn't have her facts straight... If you are going to write this as fact, better have your data to back it up.

  4. Judie Harrison9:15 AM

    Dear Anon;
    I do have my facts straight. I have the article, although I have been asked not to post it as of yet. There is a legal situation coming up which will show this article, but not by me.

    If I was asked in a court of law to provide this information, I surely could.

    I unlike a lot of people keep my word, so for now, that information will not be posted here.

    You no doubt are the same "volunteer" that keeps harrassing this blog. If so, like I said before get some education, read between the lines and look hard at the behind the scenes behaviour. :)

    Just the one fact of keeping a full grown Black and white Capuchin monkey in a single size bird cage is NOT being sanctioned. It's being a prisoner with never getting any freedom at all for the rest of her life. YOU, just imagine being caged 24-7, nothing to do, no one in there with you that understands you, loves you, or can snuggle up with at night. DO YOU THINK THAT'S A GOOD LIFE? WOULD YOU CHOOSE THAT KIND OF LIFE FOR ONE OF YOUR CHILDREN? PRIMATES ARE HIGHLY INTELLENGENT AND SOCIAL BEINGS!!!! IN MY OPINION THAT'S NOTHING BUT BEING A HOARDER OF MONKEYS, BEING CRUEL, AND ABUSIVE!!!!!

    Go find something productive to do with your time. Find a new cause because the tree you are barking up is full of PISS!