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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Noah the Chimpanzee who belonged to Gini Valbuena is in the superbowl commercials

Noah was born at the Sunrise Exotic Ranch Dripping Springs (recently sold their breeder chimps) approximately 7 years ago.

I was doing a set of commercials with my 2 chimps in Florida and the awful agent Bill Vergis mentioned to me about this woman Gini Valbuena, her site here. (OOOPS looks as though Valbuena has temporarlity taken her site down. You can check back later for that one, she'll put it back up.) Vergus had told me that she was selling her female chimp by the name of Kenya. I had done some research on her beforehand and knew of her history. A history of buying baby chimps and then getting rid of them at about the age of 6 years old. So we visited.

You can visit some videos here and please take notice of the names of the chimps. This is just in the past few years.

I had no idea she had a baby chimp but low and behold there he was laying on the floor in this encounter room she has.

Mikey didn't care too much for the baby and I was afraid he may hurt him so we moved out to her patio. My husband was with Louie, I with Mikey and Gini Valbuena with little Noah in her arms at about the age of 1 month old. She insisted that I hold him. My husband watched both other chimps and took a photo of me with Noah with my camera. The photos that are posted here belong to me and Gini Valbuena was well aware that they were being taken.

I held him for about 2 minutes and all of the sudden this horrible feeling came to me. I felt so bad for this little guy being ripped away from his mom. Reality struck, "I had done the exact thing with my 2 chimps." This was the beginning of my change of heart. I knew that this little guy, Noah would end up like all of the rest of the chimps Gini had owned, all over the place.

Notice in the photo that Noah has no hair on his face. Gini Valbuena always shaved their faces. The whole thing she does with these chimps is so sad for the chimps.

We visited with Kenya who Gini was trying to sell. I thought, um, if I can buy Kenya she could be with Mikey and Louie and have a permanent home with us instead of going god only knows where. I offered her 10K, not enough, 15K, still not enough. I asked Gini, how much do you want. She said that she wants to trade my little chimp Louie for Kenya. I couldn't believe what I was hearing!!! TRADE CHIMPS? You see, in Florida they have weight restrictions whereas they can't have encounters with chimps over a certain weight. Louie fell way below that because he was such a tiny chimp. She wanted to trade as though they were pieces of furniture and Kenya was an antique. Of course I said NO! My husband and I were out of there within minutes. This was the beginning of a battle between Gini Valbuena and myself that still lingers on to this day.

A few minutes later I went to the ladies room and still had my camera. On the way out I saw Noah laying in an old outdated crib, no longer allowed to be used for Human babies and took this photo. This photo belongs to me. Notice how his little leg and arm are stuck in between the bars of the crib. he was fussing so I went in and brought both his arm and leg back into the crib.

Valbuena sees nothing wrong with what she does. I, on the other hand feel as though this is one of the worst things you can do to a chimp. Love them like a Human baby, and then when you can't make any more money off of them, trade them in, get another one.  Gini Valbuena and Jeanne Rizzotto and some others ganged up on me after I placed my chimps. They made a horrible website full of lies because I, had seen the light. The light of the awful underworld of chimpanzees. I told the world, as I still do.

Now that you know how I first came into contact with Gini Valbuena, Noah's story continues......
You can see on this link, (woman with Noah is one of the Rosaires) that the next stop for Noah was the Rosaires of the circus see here that makes chimps ride horses, wear high heels chains around their necks. Notice how little Noah has a rope around his neck and his lips are tight together. This is a pouty face. I saw this with Mikey when I wouldn't give him what he wanted. Noah looks so sad!!!!

Now, this photo Here is at Steve martins place and please notice that Little Noah has a chain around his ankle and still has the pouty face.

The photos at the bottom of this page are of Noah and as the description at the bottom says Careerbuilders 2010.
Now where did Kenya go? The reason I went to Valbuenas in the first place. Kenya is residing at the Rosaires place (circus people). There was a short video on the internet that showed Kenya, Kira (another one of Valbuena's ex- chimps) and Noah, however it looks as though they have taken that down.

This is just one chimp's story and there are many more sad stories when it comes to chimps. They are tossed around to the highest bidder, made to do unnatural things and work, not have a normal chimpanzee structure of families, are bred and babies taken away, experimented on, and abused.

Noah at the age of 7 has already been taken from his mom, treated like a human baby, made to do unnatural things and work, has chains around his ankles and neck and is so sad for such a little chimp. If Noah was in the wild he would still be around his mom with her protection, her love, her teachings, but instead the next 40+ years of his life will be where? With who? doing what? Living how?

Here is another example of what type of person Gini Valbuena is;
Published: Saturday, August 28, 2010 at 11:51 p.m.

Each person who is found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol is sentenced to attend DUI school unless the license has been permanently suspended or revoked. Addresses listed are based on public records and may not be the individual's current address. The following is a portion of cases filed July 10-16.

Valbuena, Carol Virginia, 9732 Moore Road, Lakeland - license suspended 6 months, 12 months probation, $1309.36 fine.

This public information was found here

I find this ironic because she use to slander me by saying I was a chain smoking tattoo covered foul mouth bitch. Yes I have 4 tattoos, one is a monkey, one is a chimp, and the other 2 are flowers. There is no law against tatoos as there is with drinking and driving. Smoking, I have since stopped. Darn I really hope she didn't have the newest little chimp, Eli in the car with her. Looks as though Valbuena may have a drinking problem. Here is a link to a video where she had Eli in her arms at a winery while she was drinking. Notice in this video she has a real hard time answering the question of "where did he come from?" Does it sound like to you a big fat lie? It does to me.

So tatoos or drinking and driving. Um not a hard one.

Thank you readers.


  1. Anonymous1:39 PM

    This is so wrong on so many levels.
    First off, the continuous harsh treatment of these egalitarian beings for our entertainment just has to stop. Only then will the general public stop wanting them as pets, and stop wanting them on our screens.
    Second, Career Builders has decided that they will not become socially responsible as a company. This is a travesty, as on the most watched television event of the year we are once again subjected to this cruelty for a few chuckles.
    Thirdly, this Valbuena woman has been doing wrong by the chimps for many many years, and it is time that someone put a stop to her behaviours. She buys, borrows, begs, and "raises" these infant chimpanzees until they are the maximum allowed by law for public contact in Florida - 44 lbs - and then off they go to who knows where to become who knows what for whoever will take them.Right now she is on chimp number 5 in the past eight years - Tanzee, Kira, Kenya, Noah, and Eli.
    I never hear of one sanctuary caring for her chimps? She never says where they go? She never says - only that there is a 80 acre facility somewhere where she is able to ... as she once stated in the newspaper ..."raise them from afar".
    Maybe some day, this 80 acre facility will run out of room for all of her discarded and unwanted chimps, and she will have to keep one til adult hood - and then that one last chimp will pay her back for what she has done to the previous 40 ---- maybe.

  2. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment. There are more videos on the net that anyone can google her name and find them. You may see some of her other chimps that she no longer has.

    In my opinion, she is an awful person!

  3. Dear Anon;
    Sorry, I needed to add something. I think I know all of the chimpanzee sanctauries both here in the states and overseas and to my knowledge there is no 80 acre farm.

    You would think that if a person has had that many chimps for over 40+ years that she would be proud of where she put them. She uses the excuse that she fears for them from Animal Rights people. Any smart person would know that AR people wouldn't dare go in and let the chimps out or do anything with them, they are way toooooooo dangerous. That would be hurting the public and getting the chimps killed. That's not what AR is all about, the killing of the animals, it's actually the complete opposite, it's trying to keep people like Valbuena from owning them.