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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The NC Zoo turns little Joe the monkey over to be killed

I have many domestic animals and I am so glad that they don't see a vet like the one Joe was unfortunate to have!!!!! Wish they would announce this vets name. Everyone has skeletons in their closets, as I'm sure this vet does too. Why not announce who was the one that killed him and made that decision not to quarantine him. I'm still so mad over this!

We reported on a monkey attack in North Carolina yesterday, but are sad to report today he will be euthanized.

Officials from the North Carolina Zoo tranquilized the monkey, named Joe, and took the poor little guy to a vet where he will be put to sleep.

Joe bit and scratched Patricia Knight while she was watching the primate for the owner, whom had apparently been M.I.A., but is now speaking up.

Details have emerged that the monkey's owner John Stacey had raised Joe in captivity since he was 6-weeks-old and had recently left the monkey in his grandsons care.

However, his grandson then left the animal in Knight's care while he was looking for a new home.

John Stacey is not happy about the decision to put down Joe and believes his monkey is no danger to society. He told reporters:
"Joe is a peaceful loving animal. They have this blown out of proportion. He is not wild or dangerous–never been wild, born in captivity."

Aww! We want Joe to live too!

Officials fear the animal may have rabies since Patricia is the third person he has bitten and are unsure if a rabies vaccine would work on a monkey.

After he is put down, the state vet will perform a rabies test on the monkey and inform those bitten of the results.
Stacey seems sure that his monkey doesn't have any diseases and said:
"How would it be a shame if they put him to sleep and he didn't have anything? I know for a fact he doesn't."

It would be a shame! We wish there another way to find out if Joe has rabies than killing the animal.

What if the victims actually aggravated the animal prior to the attack? We think more of an investigation should be done before a deadly decision like this is reached.
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