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Sunday, February 6, 2011

DNR seized wild animals held illegally and for breeding from colleen layton at Frisky's wildlife & Primate sanctuary

I received a few ranting e-mail comments trying to defend this woman Colleen, who I KNEW personally. It is so hard for them to believe that Colleen is anything except what she says she is. I do know better because as I stated before in an earlier post about Frisky's I donated a lot of things, was down there often, spoke to her on the phone and e-mailed regularly. She told me about the monkey she bought as a baby, raised to do some sort of circus act and retired him when he ripped open his stomach.
This monkey according to Colleen was "HER" monkey not a placed monkey. Then she became this so called sanctaury. However, I will say this again, never in the 15 years I have been educating myself on Primates, have I ever heard of someone getting rid of a baby monkey, let alone place it in a sanctaury. If anyone knows the things you have to go through to get a baby monkey, it isn't that easy and they are expensive! Someone wouldn't spend all of that money and then just give the baby to Frisky's. They would sell the baby to someone else to try to get their investment back.

So it looks as though Colleen Layton has been a breeder of wild animals before, so this is not unusual behaviour for her. see article below

So I did just a little bit of research on Colleen Layton of Frisky's and here's what I found in just a few minutes.

August 11, 1995

By Dana Hedgpeth
Dana Hedgpeth,Sun Staff Writer
It's a situation that pits a wild-animal lover against the state agency designed to protect such animals, the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

Howard County animal activist Colleen Layton says she has saved more than 100 hurt or sick animals over the past 18 years. But the DNR says her efforts are illegal, and it has moved to stop her from taking in more wild animals.

DNR officials seized four skunks and two raccoons from Ms. Layton's 5-acre farm on Route 99 in Woodstock in the past month, saying she violated state law by breeding the raccoons and caring for the skunks.
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