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Monday, February 28, 2011

The ONPRC is torturing monkeys to help humans be slim and fit. Give me a break!!!!

Please be sure to go to the links of videos at the end of this article. This is just horrible to do to these monkeys and the research is stupid in my opinion. Like I always say... The scientists always need new funding so they have to think of another stupid study so they still have a job!!!! At the animals expense. Shame on you!!!
Oregon health and Science University is practicing the barbaric act of using primates to test largely preventable human conditions: OBESITY & DIABETES.

Shiva and her colony which are mostly Rhesus Macaques are fattened up being fed daily with fattening foods, allowed no exercise, caged and once obese enough, they test various drugs and procedures on them.

Dr Grove said: “Our research model is a sedentary lifestyle with calorically dense diets”

Monkeys in this facility receive daily painful insulin shots to treat the human inflicted diabetes, and some develop clogged arteries. One monkey already died from a heart attack at a very young age. The unfortunate primate that is going through this suffers between months and years for human conditions that can largely be prevented by eating a healthy diet, which is obvious from this information. They had to fatten up the monkeys with unhealthy foods to be able to test these preventable diseases.

This doesn’t stop there as some endure the painful gastric bypass surgery and elevates to the point of killing these creatures to examine their brain and pancreas.

We are talking about a facility imprisoning over 4200 Rhesus Macaques monkeys in an unnatural environment for various "animal testing"

Rhesus Macaques are active and social creatures often enjoying life neighboring to humans at location of choice. They are wonderful swimmers and learn to handle the water at a tender age of 2 days old. They live on a kind herbivorous diet which is made up of a large variety of plant species

Rhesus Macaques have demonstrated a variety of complex cognitive abilities, including the ability to make same-different judgments, understand simple rules, and monitor their own mental states. We humans share 93% of our DNA sequence with Rhesus Macaques, proving that we shared a common ancestor roughly 25 million years ago.
Besides the unnecessary testing on primates for a mostly human caused preventable disease being immoral and void of compassion, Physicians Committee of Responsible Medicine has proven that there are kinder alternatives.

*** Please sign this petition (at the bottom of the page) to end this barbaric practice***

* More information from New York Times and another on where your tax dollars are going

* In depth information regarding ONPRC at Oregon Health and Science University on "studies" performed on animals and why this must be stopped

* Undercover video at Oregon Health and Science University

* This past protest January 2011 is just the begining of what is to come. We will no longer be silent:
* See the way these social creatures live

* Attend the rally this Friday if you live local in Portalnd, OR
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