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Monday, February 7, 2011

PETA Help.... Monkeys being tortured in Indonesia- Just horrible!!!!!!

Words can not express how horribly wrong and inhumane this is. These people that do this act like sewer rats! Go get a job, loser!  PETA needs to step in and somehow help these monkeys. What is wrong with people?

(All Pictures courtesy of Jakarta Animal Aid Network)

Fear and pain etched across his face, a little monkey cries out as he grabs helplessly at a metal chain biting into his neck.

As he lets out a high-pitched scream a gang of men force him to stand up straight, laughing as they tighten the chain.

It is just one of a series of shocking images of the hell the monkeys endure in the slums of Jakarta in ­Indonesia, where they are forced to walk upright and wear costumes… all in the name of entertainment.

A Sunday Mirror investigation discovered the monkeys are also made to wear masks, hats and glasses to catch the eye of ­passing tourists.

If a visitor stops, the monkey is ordered by its owner to walk on his hands, sit on toy rocking horses or ride bicycles in the hope the tourist will hand over some loose change.

Other creatures are forced to simply beg. On one Jakarta street a monkey was found wearing a doll’s head mask, her suckling infant clinging to her as she begged for money at the side of a busy road.

The disturbing images were passed to us by the ­Jakarta Animal Aid Network, which went undercover to expose the cruelty the monkeys endure.
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