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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kimya The Gorilla's necropsy report is in

The exhaustive investigation into the death of a gorilla at Riverbanks Zoo and Garden ended without finding any one cause.

Riverbanks veterinarian Dr. Keith Benson last week got the final report on the intense necropsy of Kimya, who was found dead in his Riverbanks enclosure in June.

Kimya had inflammation of the brain, fluid in the lungs and fibrosis in the heart. All three conditions could have contributed, but experts from around the world couldn’t come up with a definitive cause of death, Benson said.

The experts, however, said none of the possible causes of death pointed to changes Riverbanks would have to make to ensure the safety of their other gorillas, Benson said.
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  1. This is so truly sad. My family loved Kimya and his absence is noted everytime we visit the zoo. I hope that these findings at least prompted the veterinarians to assess Chaka and Mike for symptoms of these conditions as well. RIP Kimya, you are loved!

  2. Dear Tonya;
    Thank you for your comment and your love. I'm sorry for your loss as well as anyone who knew Kimya. They do effect our lives because of who they are and how very special they are.

    I hope they checked the others also!