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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mother Chimpanzee mourns over her deceased Baby, Do you see this Connie Casey Braun?

I would love to send this video to Connie Casey Braun, the biggest Chimpanzee breeder and stealer of babies. It wouldn't do any good because she probably wouldn't watch this, or if she did she would have no emotions and just wouldn't "GET IT!"

Connie Casey braun of the Missouri Primate Foundation (yeah right a foundation my butt), darts the mothers the minute she gets the baby cleaned up. While the mother is out, laying on their cold concrete floor of a small cage (I have seen them personally), she grabs the baby who is clinging onto their mom and takes them away from mom. The baby is screaming and Connie Casey's only thoughts are $65,000.00 for this little one. Then there are idiots out there, like I was, that are so uneducated that they buy the babies from her.

Just think about the mom Chimpanzee when she wakes up. She has has carried this baby for months, goes through the pain of birth to awaken with no baby. What are her thoughts? Confusion, sadness, depression, solitude, etc. Human mothers think if this happened to you? The advantage we have is that we have the English Language, which makes us capable of asking where our babies are and fighting for them. They have no way of fighting back. When their babies are gone they are gone! So sad, so cruel, so wrong in every way!

The problems like in the few cases of Travis the chimp, and Timmy the chimp will NEVER stop until this woman stops doing what she does. She should go out and have to actually work for a living instead of stealing babies from moms. What kind of monster can do that over and over again for 20+ years!

Video Here

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