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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Father lifts son over fence to see monkey and boy gets bitten

I think everyone that reads this blog is aware that I don't believe people should own Primates. BUT in this case, it wasn't the monkeys fault. This father lifted his son over the fence to feed the monkey. Gosh dad haven't you been reading anything on the Internet about monkeys? What do you think a fence means? It means what's in needs to stay in and what's out needs to stay out. Why in the world would ANYONE lift their child over any ones fence let alone a place that keeps monkeys? Children sometimes don't know better, but parents do and they should be teaching their children NOT to go on other peoples property, not encourage them to do so. Their right, the monkey will probably be killed for doing this. Do people need concrete walls to understand "KEEP OUT!" What happened to respect for others and their property. Take your kid to a zoo where they can't reach any of the animals.

This brings me to the story of Frisky's wildlife and primate sanctaury. They at the present time are in a zoning battle because the neighborhood is afraid that one of the monkeys will get out and hurt someone. Well now they need to think about children going over onto Frisky's property and getting hurt. You can read some of those stories here under sanctuaries.

A family father may face charges over negligence after his son was seriously injured by a monkey at the weekend.

The four-year-old child was bitten on the hand by male Barbary Macaque named "Juppi" at a wildlife park in Preding, Styria, on Sunday after he was lifted over the fence by his dad to feed the animal. There are however signposts at the enclosure warning against coming too close to the fence.

Doctors at the Children’s Clinic in Graz, where the boy underwent surgery, said that a main nerve was ripped by the bite.

Hospital chief Michael H√∂llwarth said today (Tues): "That’s the third time a visitor was bitten by a monkey there. I wrote to the managers asking them to strengthen safety and accident prevention standards, but no one got back to me."

Managers of the wildlife park meanwhile criticised the family dad for his actions. "What are we supposed to do? Now we will probably be ordered to put the animal down," they said.

Deutschlandsberg district authorities said they will investigate the incident.

The wildlife park made headlines last August when kangaroo "Sumsi" escaped its enclosure. The animal, which was spotted around 50 kilometres from the site some days later, is still on the run.
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    I think the father is responsible. Case closed.

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    What a dumb A@@

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