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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Over 300 Domestic and Exotic animals were removed from a Texas Ranch

Now, this is the way that things are suppose to work when animals are taken. Not the fly by night procedures that happened with Joe the monkey in North Carolina (you can read that article on this blog) being put down for NO reason. These folks are doing it the correct way, taking the animals, housing them and then finding homes for them. This should be a lesson learned by the North Carolina police dept. and other authorities that were involved in the killing of poor little Joe the monkey.
The SPCA and the Coryell County Sheriff’s Office rescued the following animals:
-- a Tamarin
-- two Bengal Tigers
-- two Mountain Lions
-- two Macaws
-- a Cockatoo
-- a Cockatiel
-- a Conure
-- a lizard
-- 18 domestic cats
-- 10 rodents
-- 30 horses and donkeys
-- 40 puppies
-- 200 adult dogs
-- a deer
-- a raccoon
The animals were living in reportedly very poor environmental conditions, deemed unfit for both humans and animals.
Houston Zoo Takes Custody of Tamarin Primate

Two suspects in the case are facing 20 counts of animal cruelty and 2 environmental-related counts. The pair could face additional charges. An initial hearing is scheduled on Thursday.

The horses are being cared for by a veterinarian in Coryell County. All the other animals were transported to the Houston SPCA facility in the 900 block of Portway Drive for treatment and care.

The Houston Zoo took custody of the Tamarin.
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