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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Pet Monkey Joe will be killed by the North Carolina Zoo!

OMGOSH! I just want to scream! I can't believe that they are doing this to this little monkey when there are other decisions that can be made!!!!! Did they try to contact any sanctuaries? Can't the Zoo put the monkey in quarantine? The only way to test for rabies is to cut the monkeys head off for goodness sake!!!! I have said this before but will repeat it, THERE HASN'T BEEN A CASE OF MONKEYS HAVING RABIES FOR SOOOOOO MANY YEARS. It was a protocol to test monkeys when they were being brought over from overseas. Now a days monkeys are bred right here in the states.

These stupid owners had a monkey which they weren't allowed to have, asked someone to watch him that doesn't know anything at all about monkeys and then won't come forward when the monkeys life is in danger. Boy they loved their monkey uh? God people are so stupid sometimes it makes me so mad!!!!!

This also shows that zoos have no remorse about killing an animal!!! And people go to these Zoos? There are so many things wrong with this.

The police did they TRY to find a home for Joe? NO!!!! Let's just put this problem on someone else. The person taking care of Joe, why didn't she try to contact a sanctuary? Why did she call the police instead of an animal organization, they could have helped both her and Joe.

On a personal note. I took in previously owned monkeys and have been bitten too many times to count, and never, not once did I ever get sick, and obviously I don't have rabies. I once volunteered at a small zoo and was attacked by a monkey. The monkey ripped my ear totally in half, I poured bleach over my ear, waited for the swelling to go down and then my husband super glued it back together. I am a true Primate lover. I didn't report the attack, the owner of the Zoo was well aware and actually saw the attack. I didn't report the attack because I knew the monkey would have been put down and his head cut off.

REIDSVILLE, N.C. -- A male black-capped Capuchin monkey that attacked a woman at a home on Wentworth Street in Reidsville on Sunday afternoon is being euthanized amid fears it might have rabies.

Deputies said the victim, Patricia Knight, had agreed to care for the animal while its owner was away.

When Knight went to change the monkey's water bowl on Sunday, the monkey jumped over her head to escape, deputies said.

Deputies said she dashed to block the monkey's exit when it bit her on the hand. She also suffered a scratch on her face, deputies said, and was treated for her injuries

Deputies said the animal was being kept in violation of a Rockingham County ordinance that forbids residents from having exotic animals.

The monkey is being taken to the North Carolina Zoo for rabies testing. The owner is responsible for paying for the test, officials said.
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