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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What the public thinks of Colleen Layton of Frisky's wildife and Primate (Sanctaury?)

From: on 01/02/00

Unfortunately, Collen cannot give tours of her sanctuary to visitors. According to Colleens permit, it is illegal for her to have visitors at the sanctuary.

This is word for word from a post listed above. I have one Question,If it is illegal as she states,than why is she seen on tv with a group of school children at her sanctuary. In her newsletters she puts out, talks about a woman in charge of public relations whos job is to set up tours. I can only say that this woman will say whatever it takes to get your money.Whatever will touch your heart to get your money. Tell you sad storys about baby monkeys rejected at birth.Baby monkeys aren't rejected at birth,thay are pulled and sold for thousands of dollars.Your donations are spent to buy her more baby monkeys and support her hobby.Wake up and find a real sanctuary to donate your hard earned dollars to.

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By RHONDA on Sunday, February 20, 2000 - 07:56 pm:


The Life saver Colleen Layton Owner of a So CALLED Sanctuary (FRISKYS) Seems to have made the news. But I am sure you good people only heard her about what a life saver she is and needs your money. Well it seems that Miss Layton made the Baltimore Sun news back in 1995.When Animal Control and Department of Natural Resources Police went to her place and took raccoons that she was breading from her and put them down. She has claimed to all her supporters that she is a Wildlife Sanctuary. Well not according to DNA Police. All the wildlife were her pets and her HOBBY but she still put out newsletters asking the public to support her hobby.If anyone is interested in the truth about this ,I will send a copy of the Baltimore Sun to Monkey Matters for all to view.

I have been reading about the Ritterspach's and their monkey that was taken by Animal Control and how Colleen Layton said they were irresponsible primate owners and packs her newsletters full of newspaper articles about how they took Jamie into the public and endangered the public. She feels they should never get Jamie back. Well,have your heard the saying :PEOPLE THAT LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES, SHOULD'NT THROW STONES?

It seems that Miss Layton has had her own problems with taking monkeys out into the public. Such as the case in Howard County where she took her Pet monkey into a Department Store and the woman sued her for a million dollars. It is public record. It is case #90ca15092, the Department store was sued and Layton. Now if you are the SSA you would want to believe the story Friskys told and wouldn't want to believe that they help support her Hobby.You see if all her supporters took the time to check her out they would find that she is not USDA licensed is not Licensed with the State to be fundraising. If she were then she would have to explain where all those baby monkeys came from. If her supporters found out that their donations went to buy baby monkeys and support her hobby,they would look bad. Let me just say that Miss Layton has been stealing from the public and getting away with it that the money became soooooooooooo good she couldn't stop herself.
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Collen Layton has NO Formal education and should not be looked to as a source of information for your well primate care needs. The best primate care information source is without a doubt Monkey Matter's {PRIMATE CARE AND BEHAVIOR BOOKS I AND II.

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Friskysvolunteer, yes, Layton has lived there longer than the Wykoff's, but there are other neighbors who have lived there longer than Layton and are not happy with Frisky's being so close to their homes. Yes, it is sad that people purchase monkeys and give them up, leaving them homeless...but that doesn't mean that they deserve to be exempt from zoning codes and restrictions. And I'm sorry, but taking over a gift basket does not make up for the fact that there are twenty-three screeching, wild animals living in a place where they should not be living. Frisky's goes against zoning codes and should not be in a residential area, regardless of however clean, hygienic, or safe Frisky's claims it is. Having twenty-three monkeys in a residential area is not safe. Monkeys are not supposed to be pets; there is a reason they either live in the wild or are kept in captivity in cages. They are, by nature, wild animals. Wild animals do not belong in residences. Too many people seem to have forgotten that. I would recommend watching this video. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wildlife rehabilitation or exotic sanctuaries...but there is absolutely something seriously wrong with having them in a residential area so extremely close to neighborhoods and children. No one is trying to shut down Frisky's; no one is trying to belittle Layton's good deeds for her animals; they are simply trying to have Frisky's be relocated to another area, an area secluded and removed from neighborhoods and children, so that Frisky's will be able to coexist within the county in a legal, and much safer manner
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Wow, the bit about buying baby monkeys really hit a nerve, Friskysvolunteer. I don't think baby monkeys are analogous to kittens. People pay thousands for the baby monkeys. Sanctuaries get them after they've gotten older and turned violent. Except for Frisky's which somehow has gotten 8 babies.
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People only see what they want to see and believe. Because most people love animals we all sometimes fall into the lies that people tell about them to get our hearts where they want them to be. Colleen Layton is a hoarder of monkeys, she is NOT a real sanctuary. You can go here and read all about her first PET monkey. Not a rescue a pet for her. This woman tells it like it is!

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