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.The Little Rock Zoo needs to step up and care for the animals better! Please read the several artciles here with deaths, sickness and a bald chimp!

Monday, February 7, 2011

The investigation is in why some of the animals died at the Warner Park Zoo, not including Hank the Chimp

Well not only does the government torture our Primates, other countries abuse monkeys, chimpanzee breeders steal the moms babies, uneducated people buying chimps and monkeys, people making chimps do unnatural things, all for the sake of money. NOW we have an AZA Zoo that has been starving their animals!!!! What is this world coming to. First a zoo hires a convicted animal abuser to work around animals, now this! What's next? How do we draw the line? How do we make sure that the people are doing what they are suppose to be doing, which is caring, get it workers, CARING for the animals. How could anyone FORGET to feed animals when it is their responsibility to take care of them? They all need to be fired, especially the one in charge of the zoo!

I have 3 horses and one donkey and they go through one bale of hay per day plus get feed 2 times a day. Any moron knows how much to feed their animals. It's a shame they can't close this zoo down and transfer the animals somewhere else. They don't deserve to be open.

And they pretended they cared by giving Hank a funeral. Just a show, that's all. Hoping that people won't stop coming to their neglected animal zoo. How come there's no one checking up on these AZA zoos?
Those poor animals depended on those people for their lives and they disappointed them.

Thank goodness someone came forth that had worked there and told the truth. BTW that person lost their job, which I read in an article. Sure fire the person that really cares about the animals, not the ones that didn't take care of them!!!!

My thoughts are always this... People will ALWAYS let you down, but the animals won't!!!!!

The lack of proper care and feeding contributed to the deaths of four out of ten Warner Park Zoo animals according to a report by veterinary medical officer Suzanne Brunkhorst of the US Department of Agriculture. Two marmosets died when the animals were overlooked and not fed for two days. Zoo Director Darde Long stated it was an oversight by the zoo's management team, and everyone was deeply upset. The zoo is now in search of a licensed veterinary technician to ensure better animal care.

The investigation started with an anonymous complaint after the death of Hank, a 42 year-old chimpanzee and a zoo favorite. Several animals died within a one month time period including two newborn snow leopards freezing to death because their mother Kasmir was not able to get to the cubs. One cub inside the closure survived. The zoo staff denied even knowing the leopard was pregnant stating Kasmir showed no signs consistent with pregnancy. The zoo plans to appeal that complaint.

Also included in the investigation were observations of the 15 animals in the petting zoo. Records indicated the zoo ran out of hay on January 23, and the animals were acting "fussy without hay to chew on." The Department of Agriculture visited the zoo on January 26 and January 27. Authorities observed only one bale of hay which was not enough to feed 11 goats, 2 miniature horses, 1 camel, and a buffalo highlander cross. Zoo officials stated the animals were getting extra grain in place of the hay.

The three-page US Department of Agriculture report details recommendations and changes for the future care of the zoo animals.
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According to zoo officials, hank is now in Knoxville for testing to determine the cause of death. He showed no symptoms. And Sunday night Hank was just being Hank.
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