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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colleen Layton of Frisky's wildlife started out having a pet monkey

Well readers, like I said before, everyone has skeletons in their closets. This woman Colleen Layton shows herself as a sanctuary, however you can see in this article that that is not how she started out. She bought a baby monkey and says it was rejected by it's mother. Don't they all say that? Gosh if that were really true then the monkeys in the wild would be extinct. Gosh who would be there to raise all of their neglected monkeys.

Notice how she mentions changing his diapers, he's loose in the house and turns the TV off, and she even brought him out into the public to take Karate Lessons with his own outfit?  OH COME ON!!!!.  Colleen Layton also says that when buying a monkey "Lack of knowledge by the buyer". What kind of knowledge did Colleen have? What type of experience did she have to qualify herself as being able to have a baby pet monkey? She also states that "Very few people should own a monkey". This I agree with her on except she shouldn't have had them either!!!!! Another comment she made was "monkeys don't belong in cages" um.... aren't all of her monkeys in cages? She also took her pet monkey to work, to the food store and the feed store. Sounds like a pet to me, doesn't sound like a sanctuary monkey to me. No REAL sanctuary would ever ever take a monkey out of a cage unless they were sedated and going in for medical treatment or a transfer. Soooooo many lies. And to bring a monkey to a regular DR? They don't know anything about monkeys for god sake!!!! And what Dr. in his right mind would allow a monkey into his examine room, where humans go?

The Simian Society which Colleen belonged to is for monkey pet owners. They promote responsible monkey care. There is no responsible monkey care when people own them!!! You can check them out here So this is NOTHIING to be proud of when you are suppose to be a "SANCTUARY"

So Colleen and Volunteers, perhaps this so called sanctuary is a cover up for her loving baby monkeys. This is why I say check out the sanctuaries, don't always believe what they say.

I received a comment, which I didn't feel as though it needed posting that she has awards up on her walls. You know people, you can make them in about 2 minutes on your computer and no one would know the difference. It's a nice show piece.

This is the monkey I was talking about how he ripped his stomach open after Colleen made him do a little circus act. This was told to me by Colleen Layton.

Also notice she says the raccoons are licensed but in another article on this blog (under monkey owners or sanctuaries), the DNR came and took them away.

Too many differences for me......
Isn't it funny how monkey pet owners can't resist showing them off to the public. NOT!
BTW for the person that asked where they could find the information about the alleged bite of colleens monkey in a dept store, I am still trying to verify that. Keep checking back.

When I use to work with the monkeys and Chimps I never lied about them, never said they were rejected and took in ones that I had room for. Now I speak for the Primates since I have placed my Primates years ago after knowing what I did was wrong. Why can't people just be honest with themselves and others? Why try to be someone or something you are not? I made things right for my Primates and now I try to help others.

November 06, 1991

By Ellen Hawks
Ellen Hawks,Evening Sun StaffNO MATTER what his surrogate mother wants, Gizmo, a 2-year-old Rhesus monkey, has established his own routine.

''I could run a clock by him,'' says Colleen Layton, who adopted the monkey when he was 3 weeks old.

''At 10 every evening, he notifies me that 'we' are going to bed by turning off the TV, even though he loves it, and the lights. If I'm writing he takes my pen.

''I comply. I clean him up, change his diaper -- he won't wear one that is soiled -- and I get his bottle of Similac.

''After a good burp he grabs his teddy bear and we go to bed and he snuggles up. In the morning we have a cereal breakfast and he gets a children's Flintstone vitamin. He also has fruits and vegetables -- no red meats,'' says mother Layton, who operates a small wildlife farm in Howard County where she rehabilitates wildlife orphans. Most of her charges are animals indigenous to the area, including a black bear cub.

Gizmo came to Layton from friends in Cincinnati who owned his mother. The mother had rejected Gizmo. ''She wouldn't feed him and just banged him on the head all the time. So, I drove up and got him. We bonded on the way home and now he's my constant companion,'' says Layton, who went through the proper legal procedure to own him.
''I am licensed to have wildlife by the federal Fish and Wildlife Department, but with Gizmo I had to have a special inspection of home and cage. He has a very large cage, 24-by-12 feet and 8 feet high with a tunnel above ground from the cage to my cabin -- but he seldom uses it,'' she says.

Every Wednesday, Layton, her son Ricky and Gizmo all take karate lessons at the Wozin DoJo Karate School in Laurel.

''Gizmo loves it," she says. "He has a suit to wear, but it took him eight hours to learn how to do a karate bow on command. You know the bow where you put your hands on the top of your thighs and bend forward keeping your eyes on your opponent?''

At her farm, which she calls Frisky's, Layton has 15 raccoons who are also licensed. Most of them are babies of raccoons she brought from Washington State many years ago. ''That was long before we had a rabies crisis here and now I wouldn't let these go because of the rabies scare. My oldest is 13 years old,'' she says.

pTC Layton, whose father is an American Indian and mother is Irish, says she abhors trapping of animals. ''About 30 years ago, when we lived in Washington State, my father trapped raccoons and if there were signs of babies I'd find and save them.

Gizmo, according to Layton, could live as long as 30 to 50 years and will grow to the size of a 5- or 6-year-old child. Layton dresses him according to the weather, just as she would any child -- Gizmo's temperature is only about one degree above a human's temperature, she says.

Gizmo is taken to a regular physician rather than a veterinarian. ''I take him after hours to a health clinic for his booster shots and health exams," Layton says. "Every disease a man can get so can a monkey. He has all of his inoculations and a perfect health certificate.''
She adds that Gizmo is her constant companion. She takes him ''to the grocery and feed stores, we work outside and I've learned to clean cages, dip the dogs and much more with him under my jacket or on my arm.''

He also goes with her on her job. Layton makes videos for people of household inventories, family histories or with their pets, anything a person may want to keep as a video record.

In their travels, Gizmo is literally tied to her. ''I lock him to me,'' she explains, ''by securing a leash around my waist and his waist. It secures him to me should some unexplained disturbance frighten him.

''Taking him with me is not for attention, he's just bonded to me. I get disturbed over questions such as, 'is that a live monkey and where could I get one?' "

''Very few people should own a monkey," she adds, "and I hate the fact that in many pet shops, the sale of a monkey is pushed without first telling a buyer the other side of raising one. Monkeys are not novelty pets and because of a lack of concern by the seller and lack of knowledge by the buyer, most die within a year of purchase.

''When Gizmo came to me I immediately contacted and registered Gizmo with the Simian Society of America, located in St. Louis, which offers me excellent information and advice I can rely on about raising him.
''Monkeys are a full-time job. They don't belong in cages and they don't like children. Most people do not know their private time is over if they own a monkey. Also that a monkey will bite and may, with time, become very temperamental. I'm hoping the time I'm giving Gizmo will keep him happy and content," says Layton.
“Re-used with permission of the Baltimore Sun Media Group.  All Rights Reserved.”
There is no link to this article.
I contacted the Baltimore sun and bought the rights to post this.


  1. volunteer at frisky's9:06 AM

    You were right!

  2. Dear Volunteer;
    Thank you for your comment.
    I don't like to think of it as I'm right.
    What I try to do and have always tried to do is tell the truth to the public about the experiences I have had while I had Primates, which I no longer have. Sometimes it's really hard for people to believe things are other than what they seem. I know Colleen loves the baby monkeys and has had more than what I believe needed "rescueing".

    I was the same way with a person I meet in CA. I loved him as a person, saw him as kindhearted to his animals, never saw any abuse after spending 2 solid weeks with him and his primates. He was gentle and knowledgeable, BUT there was an undercover investigation that proved otherwise and the end result was his animals were taken away.
    I felt in my heart that someone had made a horrible mistake! In the end it was me that made the mistake. It was so sad.

  3. friskys volunteer8:47 PM

    ... it is very sad that you are posting fake comments on your own blog...

  4. Dear Frisky's volunteer;
    Thank you for your comment, or should I say "MY COMMENT?"

    Not that I have to answer to you or anyone else, but I have never posted a comment under anything other than my name. I am not one nor have ever been one that hides my feelings and opinions about things and people. If I have something to say I have an entore blog to do just that. If you don't like the comments that are posted here, then don't visit. Go on with yourself.

  5. Anonymous5:33 AM

    You are the world's biggest Liar. By showing the chimpanzee with its fangs showing, you are trying to scare everybody about Frisky's even though you know that Frisk's has no Chimpanzees. You are jealous of Ms. Layton and you can't stop misrepresenting her, if not in words then in pictures.

  6. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment and your insult. This only shows once again how very uneducated you are about everything when it comes to Primates. First off this blog is not about Frisky's it's about all Primates in all aspects.

    You really should take the wool from over your eyes and see the real "colleen Layton" Perhaps some day you will see the light as I did. In the meantime get yourself educated on Primates so that you can truly have a clear picture before you start harrassing someone that does have the knowledge. I did Primates for over 15 years and I was disillioned just as you and many others.

    Just because I show a "true" photo of a chimpanzee with his mouth open showing his canines, not "fangs" does not in any way suggest that Frisky's has chimpanzees, thank goodness!

    I am in no way jealous of Colleen Layton. I have been there, done that and got out of that because monkeys do not belong in small cages in a neighborhood, which I lived in also.

    I hope the next time you return here it will be with some knowledge. :)