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Monday, January 31, 2011

Joe the Monkey may need a new home! Can any sanctuaries take Joe?

If the owners of this monkey don't come back Joe is going to need a sanctuary. It's bad enough that the owners even bought Joe, thinking he could be a pet but not to do the "right" thing for Joe is terrible. The cage he is in looks like a small Macaw cage. How cruel is that!!!!! He can't jump or swing or really do anything. Someone needs to help him. I'm going to write to some of the people i know and see if there is an opening somewhere in a primate sanctuary. Perhaps Jungle Friends would have something.

REIDSVILLE, N.C. (WGHP) — A woman is recovering from bites on her hand after being attacked by a friend's monkey Sunday.

This is Joe. He is a Black Capped Capuchin

Patricia Knight was sitting a black-capped capuchin monkey named Joe for a friend who went out of town when things got out of control around 3 p.m.

"He went crazy on me and started biting real bad. I threw him off of me and he got out of the cage," Knight said.

Knight said she opened Joe's cage to change his water bowl when he jumped on her head. Then as Knight tried to keep the pet from running outside the home, he attacked her, deputies said. Knight received medical treatment and is back home.

"He is like a kid. It's not his fault. It's OK," Knight said.

Animal control officers caught Joe on the front porch of the owner's home at 3062 Wentworth St. and put it back in the cage, deputies said.

"Dogs, cats, it's OK, but when you take a wild animal and try to make it a baby, it just doesn't work," Knight said.

Knight had cared for Joe for four days, though the owner told Knight she would only need to care for him for one day.

"They dropped him off and pretty much abandoned him. They did not come back," Knight said.

Deputies are trying to find the owner, as well as trying to find Joe a new home.

Capuchin monkeys are considered to be very intelligent and are found in the wild in Central and South America.

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