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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pusung the Orangutan dies of a Respiratory Infection at the Adelaide Zoo

As with most things, I have an opinion on this one also. I owned 2 Chimpanzees and I can tell you that when anything out of the normal came about their health, they were at the vets office either that day or the following day. With the monkeys I did the same. Either the vet came out and darted them to examine them or I caught them and brought them to the Vet.

 How can Zoo Keepers diagnosis and treat an Ape without an exam? It isn't that difficult to dart an Ape to have them looked at. Well of course he died if he was treated for a cold and had an upper respiratory infection. Anyone that has children would know that a cold can and does lead into respiratory problems. What a shame for Pusung that he didn't have people really looking after his health. Shame on you!!!

ADELAIDE Zoo’s much-loved Sumatran orangutan, Pusung, has died of a respiratory infection.
Zoo staff had been treating the 31-year-old for cold-like symptoms for the past week.

Respiratory infections are a common cause of death in older male orangutans.
Assistant primate curator Emma Yengi said Pusung’s keepers were ``devastated’‘.

``Pusung developed a bit of a fan club through the behind-the-scenes tours and was responsible for inspiring many who met him to connect with orangutans in a much deeper way,’’ she said.

Zoo chief executive Chris West said Pusung was an ambassador for the zoo.

``Within the zoo and far beyond there will be many very sad people as he was such a character and symbol of conservation,’’ Dr West said.

Pusung was born in Perth in 1978 and arrived at Adelaide Zoo from Singapore in 2000.
Sumatran orangutans can live for up to 50 years.
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  1. Anonymous3:00 AM

    For a while before Pusung died there were many tests done to try and find what was wrong with him. He had been knocked out and looked at more than once and the staff did absolutely everything they could.

  2. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment. You say this as you know from experience. I truley hope you were one of the caretakers and this is true, not from someone in the media saying so.

    I am very bitter against Zoos now. As you read I had 2 chimpanzees. if you read the most recent posts you will see that my little Louie, the adolescent chimp died at the little rock zoo! My little boy they let die. They had a reptile vet looking at him. When we found out he was already dead for gods sake! So unless someone has been there saw that kinda thing I dont believe any zoo takes care of their animals! If you are a caretaker there or were and actually saw them caring for the Ape I will always blame it on the zoos. I raised that little chimp who never was sick in his LIFE! They let him die!