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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Allen Hirsch, in my opinion did the right thing. I would have also done what he did. He must have really loved his little monkey. He knew as all monkey owners should know that the only way they can test a monkey for Rabies is to remove their head. There hasn't been a case of Rabies in monkeys for years, though the protocol for this testing is still done. I never did understand why they don't reevaluate the need for that test. I wish Mr. Hirsch all the luck in the world with this case. For those of you that don't know, his little monkey passed away a few days ago of cancer at the Jungle Friends Sanctuary.
The state has smacked painter Allen Hirsch with a $40,000 fine Wednesday for hiding his cheek-chomping capuchin in Florida after the beastie tore into a Queens woman's face.

Benjamin, a 14-year-old Weeper Capuchin

State Department of Environmental Conservation officials have also revoked Hirsch's license to keep wild animals as pets in New York has been revoked.
Hirsch, whose painting of Bill Clinton hangs in the National Portrait Gallery, admitted he failed to notify health officials after his capuchin monkey, Benjamin, bit the face of a woman staying at his Catskill, N.Y. bed-and-breakfast in July.

Instead of turning the teenaged capuchin over for a rabies test, Hirsch whisked him off to a Florida retreat for monkeys banished as pets after misbehaving.

The Daily News found Benjamin living at Jungle Friends in September. He died Monday after a six-month bout with cancer.
Still pending is a suit filed by Parvin Hajihossini, 53, against Hirsch in Queens Supreme Court to recover damages for the injuries to her face.

The Queens hairdresser says she could not return to work after the attack because she didn't want customers to be scared by her appearance.

Benjamin leaped out of his backyard cage at the Kaaterskill lodge and attacked Hajihossini from behind, the suit says.
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  1. Anonymous7:23 PM

    Thanks. I await for the full story to come out although I am unfortunately unable to comment for the time being on legal counsel. AH

  2. Dear AH;
    Thank you for your comment. I can't begin to say how very sorry I am that Ben was sick and lost his life. I admire you for what you did and I'm hoping that things turn out the way they should, with the fact that Ben was loved and you saved his life. Good luck to you and I also am looking forward to the full story coming out. I will certainly post it.

    I have a short story to tell you. I was volunteering at a small Zoo. Some of the primate cages they didn't have lock downs so I had to go in with the primates to clean and feed. One day for no reason this single housed monkey jumps on my shoulder and grabs a hold of my ear. I grabbed him by the head and pulled him off of me. With doing that, he ripped my ear totally in half. Well I knew that if I went to the hospital what would happen to the little guy, so I didn't. My husband poured bleach over my ear (horrible pain) I waited about 2 weeks until the swelling went down and then we super glued my ear back together. My husband went to the dr's and said he wasn't feeling well and got medication, which I took. The authorties really need to figure out another protocol for monkeys. I don't understand why they can't be put into quarantine, and observed for signs of rabies. It's just their way of not wanting to deal with it. The USDA requires all Primates to have a rabies shot if they are going to be in the public, BUT these same monkeys would have the same test done if they hurt someone. So why even give them a rabies shot?

    Again, take care, keep your head up and here's to hoping that things turn out good for you.

  3. Anonymous6:08 PM


    Did the superglue keep it together? I have cut my index finger on my right hand off while chopping carrots and need to reattach it.

    What brand of superglue did you use??


  4. dear anon;
    Thanks for the question. haha
    I think you should just boil your finger and when it's well done enough, just eat it. Then take a car cig lighter and burn the end that is still attached to carterize it.

    Thanks for the great laugh!

  5. Anonymous8:00 AM

    Dear AH and all others reading this blog. As a person who loves animals and is consistently saving strays and rescues , I know how it feels to love an animal as a family member. But What AH has done is unforgivable. He is an artist not a zoologist or an expert on animal behavior so he has no right to keep a monkey somewhere he does not belong. Ive been reading articles where people at the inn say the woman went into his environment. what kind of idiotic logic is that. AH has put this monkey far away from his environment, into a bed and breakfast ( inside a cage might i add), and you people call this his environment. You should know better than to go blaming this poor woman. If the monkey was known to be defensive then he shouldn't have been in reach of a guest at the inn. Also how secure is his cage if this woman can supposedly get inside. Obviously whoever was there"taking care of Benjamin" wasn't doing such a good job. Be a man, Take Responsibility for you reckless actions.