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Monday, January 17, 2011

Villagers have built a house for injured monkeys

HAVERI: It is not known whether Lord Ram really did exist and whether monkeys led by Lord Hanuman really did help in the construction of a bridge. All people know is that man descended from the monkey. But Bankapur villagers in Haveri district might have been influenced by the Ramayana when they built a house for an ailing monkey.

The story goes thus: A monkey was injured while fighting with others in tis group. Its legs were hurt and it had lost its eyesight.

Later, it began to move from door to door seeking food and water. But stray dogs in the area spelled trouble for the animal.

The villagers, feeling sorry, decided to build a house for it. They brought bamboo strips and poles to build a house at a height of five feet from the ground. A door was fixed which would be opened to feed it and kept closed at other times to prevent the entry of predators. A plastic sheet served as a roof to protect it from the rain and scorching sun.

Ninganagouda Patil, a tea stall owner near Kottageri bus stop takes care of the monkey. The villagers perform pooja to it, considering it to be an avatar of Hanuman. People come with offerings of fruit for the monkey. Now out of danger's way, the monkey is doing well. "Whoever visits the tea stall provides a banana to the monkey," said Ninganagouda.
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