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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Minister Erdan has stopped all commercial import of Monkeys from the wild

Environmental Protection Minister Gilad Erdan announced on January 11, 2011 that in the wake of an in-depth review of monkey trade policy, he has decided to institute more stringent policy on this issue. The minister instructed the Nature and Parks Authority to ban the import of monkeys into Israel after a transitional period of half a year, except for purposes of rehabilitation and rescue. Import of monkeys will be permitted by research institutions for the purpose of life-saving medical research only. Monkey research will be permitted only for second generation monkeys raised in a breeding farm once it is proved that they will be used for medical research and not for cosmetic and similar research.

Minister Erdan: "Medical research is the only reason that justifies animal experimentation. Animal research for medical purposes is absolutely vital, but there is no reason for Israel to serve as a transfer station for monkey trade. Commercial and economic considerations cannot dictate the policy needed to protect wildlife and monkeys in particular."

Following dozens of years in which hundreds of monkeys were imported into Israel from African countries every year and their offspring were traded without adequate control of the purpose of the trade, Minister Erdan decided to stop all commercial import of monkeys from the wild. Monkey export will only be possible under stringent conditions, and only after it is proved that the monkeys will be used for medical research only and not for cosmetic and similar research. Only second generation (F2) in captivity monkeys will be exported.
As per the minister's request, the Nature and Parks Authority will allow bodies which may be impacted by the decision to voice their claims. During the half year transition period, limited import permits will be given to allow the farm to make the necessary preparations for its transformation into a breeding nucleus farm.
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