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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo find Palm Wine

Suzy wrote to us to tell us about the latest bonobo antics:

Our bonobos got all caught up on the local’s most valuable activity… extracting wine from the palm trees scattered through the reserve. These palm trees are often left with containers in them in order to collect the drink, up until now they had been in zones which the bonobos haven’t really frequented, particularly right on the river bank.

Jug for collecting palm wine.

But then the other day, walking through the forest, we were surprised to see Lomela, the youngest in the female alliance, spot a jug hanging up high in a palm tree. Curious as she is, she climbed up and began sipping the wine, in a proclamation of joy at the sweet drink she began vocalising, attracting the attention of the whole group who each helped themselves in turn.

Lomela after a refreshing beverage

The best part was for the females of the alliance, who obviously had first dibs…and of course the wine tasting was followed by a sex orgy to celebrate such a great finding!!! Poor Kubulu was the only one to not get a taste, not easy when you’re not allowed to get in the big guys gang. Fortunately, fresh palm wine has no alcohol in it being that it hasn’t yet fermented… so no drunk bonobos and the day went on as usual!

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