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Monday, January 17, 2011

Landmark deal for protection of releasing Orangutans back into the wild in Borneo

Conservationists are celebrating a "landmark" deal to give more protection to a site for releasing orangutans back into the wild in Borneo.

The Orangutan Foundation has secured the support of government representatives, local villages, community organisations and two palm oil companies for an agreement to strengthen the buffer zone around the 56,000 hectare Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve in Indonesia. The reserve is home to many endangered species, including orangutans.

Some 160 of the "red apes" have been released into the reserve and 40 new orangutans have been born there.

It comes as the Orangutan Foundation launches a £200,000 fundraising appeal to mark its 20th anniversary. The charity has said the money raised will go to support projects including wildlife reserves and the creation of new conservation areas to protect orangutans.
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