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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monkey loose in Florida

Now this I do not understand! This must be some one's pet monkey because if it had escape from a good sanctuary they would have spoken up. I would guess, that the monkey was owned illegally and the owners are afraid they will get into trouble. Well if you love your monkey, the best thing to do is to notify the authorities so they know the history of the monkey and perhaps a way to caught it so it can go to a nice sanctuary, and not starve to death, or worse.

Florida wildlife officials have several questions and some advice for the public since getting reports of a monkey on the loose near Williston.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials said the sightings have been outside town in the area of some Levy County farms.

No monkeys have been reported missing in the area, which makes it difficult for officials to know exactly what they are looking for.

“We’re not sure what kind of monkey it is, but we do know that we do not want people trying to approach it,” said commission spokeswoman Karen Parker. “Monkeys do have teeth — even the small ones — and we do not want anyone getting bit.”

Parker said anyone who sees the monkey should not approach the animal and should not feed it. Instead, people are urged to call the commission on the hot line at 888-404-3922 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 888-404-3922
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