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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Lilly, 11 month old Gorilla at Disney is making great strides

It’s not often we get to give a gorilla some love on the AC blog. But Orlando Sentinel reporter Dewayne Bevil, a k a the Theme Park Ranger, spent some time at Disney’s Animal Kingdom learning about Lilly.

Lilly, an 11-month-old western lowland gorilla at Disney's Animal Kingdom, follows mother Kashata in their habitat at the park in January.

The western lowland gorilla checks in at about half the weight that would be normal for her. And the Animal Programs team that cares for the furry friends at the park says it’s a mystery. They’re trying to help with the sort of occupational therapy that developmentally challenged human children might receive.

Meanwhile, mom Kashata pays special mind to Lilly as well. Kashata took extra care when nursing her daughter early on, and stays close by during twice-daily therapy sessons.

For more, read Bevil’s subtly touching story with video. And click through photographer Joe Burbank’s cool photo gallery too.
Story Credit Here
Video of her improvement here

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