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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chimpanzee, Zhora is being transfered to rehab

I don't understand why people would give ANY animal cigarettes and alcohol! What was the visitors first clue about you shouldn't do that? Maybe the several fences they put up! DUH. Some people must just be plain stupid! Now this chimp has to leave the only home and people he knows to go into someplace else and have the same withdrawals as people do. Gosh people use your brain.

The chimp, which goes by the name of Zhora, became an alcoholic and addicted to smoking because visitors would frequently offer him booze and cigarettes for their own entertainment. The deputy head of Rostov Zoo claims that zoo officials frequently requested that visitors cease this behavior, but it was to no avail.
Zhora was even kept behind three different rows of fences to keep inappropriate substances out, but the drugs still managed to get to him somehow. The perturbed primate has now been transferred to a different location for rehabiliation, and we wish him all the best.
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