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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Zookeeper gets 3 fingers bit off by Chimpanzees.

This is unbelievable!!!! This Zoo is AZA and they can't teach their zookeepers the dangers of Chimpanzees? Gosh didn't this woman read anything about the attack on Charla Nash by Travis the Chimp? This my dear readers is why I do this educational blog, to bring awareness to people so these types of things don't happen! When will people learn that Apes are dangerous and we need to respect their space, their power and their abilities.

I'm sure that the pain she felt will never leave her. I certainly hope the medical team will be able to re-attach her fingers.

An zookeeper at Riverside Discovery Center in Scottsbluff had three of her fingers bitten off Friday by chimpanzees
Executive Director Anne James said she didn't know details about how the incident occurred other than the keeper was in the rear portion of the chimp building at the time of the attack, which occurred around 1:30 p.m. on Friday.

James said the woman's fingers were recovered and that the keeper was taken to Regional West Medical Center for treatment.

James said the injuries were not “life threatening” and that a surgical procedure to reattach the digits might be attempted at a hospital in Denver.

James said additional information about the incident would be released when more is known. She added that it was the first such attack involving the chimpanzees at the zoo.
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