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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation can use your help

The Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation focuses on three key areas in their work with Orangutans and by choosing Aware you are helping them to continue this great work. Read on to find out more.

Orangutan Orphanage

Nyaru Mentang is the largest Orangutan orphanage in the world. It currently looks after over 600 Orangutans of various ages who have been orphaned, left permanently scarred or injured as a result of some traumatic experience. The main goal of this centre is to rehabilitate these orangutans and hopefully reintroduce them back into a protected wild environment - the first planned release in over eight years to occur in 2011. This release is an exciting development for both BOS and the Orangutans themselves with a huge amount of planning, resources and financial support being invested to ensure its success
Orangutan Adoptions

As you can imagine, feeding and caring for orphan Orangutans is a costly project -but it is all part of the rehabilitation process and is essential if these animals are going to have a chance to make it back into the wild. However, we can all help this by adopting an Orangutan while it is living in the orangutan orphanage. It is through the adoption program, Orangutans are given a chance to go to school and learn through human carers what it means to be an Orangutan. Learning to climb trees, finding what food is ok to eat and building a nest for sleeping each day - this is what all Orangutans learn to do at Nyaru Mentang.

Land Protection and Rehabilitation

A big part of what BOS does is actually rehabilitating degradated land and trying to protect what is already there. Samboja Lestari is located in East Kalimantan and was once a barren wasteland - it was however brought back to life and now is a lush, reforested sanctuary - offering life for not only Orangutans but for the local community as well. Several activities are supported by the work done at Samboja Lestari including organic farming, community development programs like planting seedlings, research and providing clean water. Samboja Lestari also houses around 250 Orangutans which have been confiscated or left orphaned as a result of palm oil plantations, forest fires or the pet trade. It is hopeful that these Orangutans will also make it into the wild as part of the overall release strategy.

You are doing your part by supporting the Planet Palm Oil Free campaign. Please continue to support this great cause.

To find out how else you can join other Australians helping to secure a brighter future for the orangutans click here

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