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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monkeys are being used to get coconuts

I really hate it when Monkeys are pets and especially when they put things around their necks!!!!! Though it does sound as though the new generation knows better.

The use of monkeys are considered the safest method to assist in the quoting of coconut from trees and dangerous if people climb.
Today the service of this animal is endangered due to reduction in area planted with coconut and agricultural technology have produced varieties of low coconut trees.
Lack of interest among the young generation to continue the maintenance activities of coconut climbing monkey. Actually the other owner is composed of senior citizens.
For now the owner of monkey help to climb a coconut, animal husbandry is more to the hobby of leisure because of difficulties to teach mammals to pick coconut well. The use of monkeys climbing coconut tere just to fill the vacant jobs.
Wages coconut picking monkey now is RM10 for 100 coconut is considered inappropriate because the monkeys trained to pick coconut skilled needs a long tearm and difficult.

Meanwhile, the Legislative Assembly (Assembly) Jelawat, Datuk Dr Ilias Hussin, said the monkey owners should be rewarded accordingly this job.
"Not all coconut picking monkey is clever, if not by training in a long time. The owner is usually the people who keep monkeys to pick coconuts and wages to support families.

"If wages are not commensurate, perhaps in the future of coconut picking technique using these animals will become extinct if nothing is keen to keep it," he said.

He said, the monkey training center should be established in this country to enable pet owners that train their animals and ensure that traditional coconut picking monkey do not forget the next generation.

He said the use of monkeys to climb coconut and monkey training center real potential as a tourist attraction visited outside the country because it is something interesting to watch.
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