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Thursday, January 27, 2011

A video of Oliver the Chimpanzee AKA Humanzee

Although allot of people think that Oliver's life was interesting, Oliver had a horrible, exploited, life. He once was owned by a woman in NJ by the name of Janet Berger. I meet Janet through having Chimpanzees myself. I would visit her a few times a month. In her living room were framed photos of Oliver and she shared videos of him, along with many stories. One of the stories she told me was that every evening her, her husband and Oliver would all sit in their tiny living room, watch TV, drink beer and smoke cigars. Oliver was removed from their home when he was accused of trying to sexually assault Janet.

My experience with meeting Oliver was when I was doing volunteer work at the sanctuary he resides in. He lives with an older female because she is the only one that will tolerate him. He is totally blind, rocks back and forth quit a bit, and is very vocal. The sanctuary provides his needs, though he still lives in a dark world with many bad memories. I had the opportunity to hand him some greens, hold his hand and touch him gently. It was amazing how gentle he was to a human after what humans had done to him. He, unfortunately was made out to be some sort of freak, this led to him never having a permanent home or ones' of his own kind until he was of no use to anyone. He does now live in sanctuary with one of his own kind, but did not get the true value of life that he so deserved.
Video Here

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