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Monday, November 30, 2009

Animals at Dubai Zoo In Poor Conditions

Mum gets a shock on first visit to Dubai Zoo

Oh my goodness who in their right mind thinks that Dubai Zoo is an acceptable place for animals to live?

I thought I would take my one-year-old there over Eid and even she was disgusted. I understood that it is only two dirhams to enter so I thought I was prepared to see something not so great but come on, I was shocked and appalled at the conditions these beautiful animals are kept in.

Surely the fact that the vast majority of them are pacing the floor tells you something and no the gorilla isn’t doing tricks it wants help.

Dubai’s residents and its Municipality should be deeply embarrassed that they have a zoo like this in Dubai which aims to be a tourist attraction. Surely there is a better way to keep these amazing creatures?

Eco Em


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