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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Charlie The Chimpanzee Makes Other Chimps Look Like Whimps

I don't think that giving Charlie and
his other Chimpanzee another life
with other Chimpanzees would be
considered "cashing In"

Brian Mciver

Black belt ape Charlie is the primate
mover in TV advertising

MEET Charlie - the black belt chimpanzee
who makes the PG Tea chimps look like complete

The incredible 14-stone ape is set to become
a star in his own series of TV ads that will
pack more of a punch than the tea-loving,
cheeky chimps of the British TV adverts ever could.

The 17-year-old chimpanzee is the world's only
non-human martial arts black belt and has
managed to perfect the sort of flying kicks,
quick chops and smashes that kung fu stars
such as Bruce Lee made famous.

He has been studying and practising the
classic fighting styles for most of his
life - and the 4ft 6in tall ape is about
to become a huge star after signing up
for a major advertising campaign.

He learned his flying trade almost by
accident, after picking up the oriental
skills from owner and karate instructor
Carmen Presti.

He allowed the hairy-weight fighter
and family pet to sit in on the classes
and Charlie soon picked up a few tips.

After a few months of watching his master,
the then one-year-old chimp began copying his moves.

And after some additional coaching, Charlie
was taking on experienced black belts with ease.

Owner Carmen, from Niagara Falls in the
United States, was amazed when he started
aping his moves, but hasn't been surprised
at how popular he is becoming.

He said: "He was jumping up and down
and slapping punch bags, so I decided
to show him how to hit them properly.

"Within five minutes I'd taught him
how to make a fist, take up a fighting
stance, throw a punch combination and
perform a karate kick.

"It was an amazing combination of speed,
flexibility and sheer brute force."

And despite suffering a few bruises,
bloody noses and cracked ribs from his
young protege's enthusiastic style over
the years, Carmen has helped Charlie
become the first chimp black belt.

They met martial arts movie star Chuck
Norris, who was so impressed by his high-
flying style that he showed a video of
Charlie's greatest hits to other karate
experts. They agreed he was good enough
to fight for a black belt, which he achieved

He has also met celebrities such as singer
Billy Joel and American comic stars Whoopi
Goldberg and Jay Leno, but is now on the
verge of international stardom himself.

Charlie has just signed up to star in a
series of ads for breakfast cereal firm
Kellogg's, although the Presti family
are not cashing in on their unusual star.

Instead, they will help fund a sanctuary
for unwanted animals such as the 21 apes
they are currently giving a home to.


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