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Monday, November 30, 2009

New Gorilla Babe Born In Congo

I told you last week that we have another gorilla baby in Mikeno - and I can now confirm it is true!

This is the FIFTH newborn this year! We do not yet know if it is a boy or a girl, but we can confirm that the mother is Maheshe, of the Kabirizi family.

Here are the first pictures…

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Martin took these pictures, a Ranger who used to be based at Kibati and is now at Bukima. I think you will agree he is an excellent photographer. The baby was born on 14th November.

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We actually used to think Maheshe was a male - but obviously we were wrong! Maheshe was born on the 19th June 2003, and this is her first baby.

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These pictures were difficult to take because Maheshe is very shy. She lost her mother, Furaha, when she was very young, and so can often be found with her brother, Mivumbi.

Let’s hope she stays safe and healthy for her new baby!

Thank you also for all your donations to the Senkwekwe Center - the new home for Ndeze & Ndakasi. It is wonderful to receive this support from all of you. I am very excited about seeing them move to their new home.

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