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Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Importance Of Building a Home For The Gorilla Babes In Congo

So why should you all care about the future of Ndeze & Ndakasi?

The Senkwekwe Centre - the future home for the only 2 baby mountain orphan mountain gorillas IN THE WORLD - is crucially important, primarily because it’ll give our orphans somewhere to live. It is as simple as that.

They’ll love it there. It’s quiet and clean – especially when you compare it to Goma. It’s dusty and noisy down there and on occasion they have become ill because of it all. Andre was very clear about that in his video.

The Centre is important for the community up here too. It will give the people here the chance to see Gorillas, sometimes for the first time, and it will help to educate the next generation; that’s something close to my heart. I want my children to see gorillas - and understand the work that i do.

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Ndeze in Goma - we cannot wait for her and Ndakasi to be with us in Virunga at Rumangabo.

Practically speaking, it has a suitable climate and you can find the same plant species here at Rumangabo as you can in the Mikeno sector, where the Gorillas come from. The Gorilla Massacre in 2007 shocked me deeply and I hope that nothing like that ever happens again. It was a terrible day for me and for my family. Humans are supposed to protect their environment not destroy it. It just shows how wicked people can be.

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And this is me in front of the wall that is being built with your donations. Thank you!

And finally - some exciting news. I have just received reports of a new birth in the Kabirizi family! That will make the 3rd newborn since the beginning of the year. I hope to have more information for you in coming days… watch this space!

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