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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lets Not Forget About The Death Of Jiggs The Chimpanzee

Lets say that Tony and Jacqueline really loved Jiggs, then why would they allow him to sleep outside in a storm that caused his death? He was an animal, it's the caretakers responsibly to make the rational decisions for his well being, not his. Not only that but, why would they have been apart of his wild mother being shot to sell her baby to them? Sounds like a hokey story to me. Dieing at 9 yrs old?!!!!


Death, as it must to men and apes alike, came last week to a famed chimpanzee— Hollywood's Jiggs.

Imported from Belgian Congo, Jiggs was brought up by Mrs. Jacqueline Gentry to eat at the table with the family, to use the bathroom, to ride in an auto, to play with the children next door. One thing he refused to do, however: sleep in a blanketed bed. One night last fortnight he slept outdoors in a storm, three days later died of pneumonia. Paramount planned (but failed) to send a delegation of famed actors to watch Jiggs buried in his silk-lined coffin. A Christian Science funeral service was read at his grave.

As an actor Jiggs was the most tractable animal ever filmed. He earned as much as $100 per day with Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan pictures, with Crooner Crosby in Doctor Rhythm. In his last film. Her Jungle Love, with Dorothy Lamour, his hind parts proved too brilliant hued for Technicolor. The studio tried tights, but Jiggs tore them off. Finally Cosmetician Max Factor succeeded in toning down the offending spots.


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