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Monday, November 30, 2009

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest, A Great One!

Wonderful, warm photos of happy Chimpanzees!
Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest

PO Box 952

Cle Elum, WA 98922Map this

Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest (CSNW) was founded in 2003 to provide sanctuary for chimpanzees discarded from the entertainment and biomedical testing industries. On June 13, 2008 the first residents of the sanctuary arrived. This group, now called the Cle Elum Seven, were living in the windowless basement of a biomedical research facility before coming to CSNW. They had been used for decades as biomedical research subjects and to produce more chimpanzee babies for research.

The sanctuary is located on a 26-acre farm in the Cascade mountains, east of Seattle. Our mission is to provide lifetime quality care for formerly abused or exploited chimpanzees, while advocating for great apes through education and collaboration. We share the personalities of the chimpanzees and their transformations in sanctuary through our website and blog


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  1. Anonymous10:08 AM


    How can you know a sanctuary is actually ethical and good for the animals??


  2. Dear Anon;
    Thank you for your comment/question. I have been avoiding this question because it is a difficult one to answer.

    Usually "good" sanctauries are not located in a neighborhood around people, they are usually very remote with many acres of land to give the animals plenty of space, sanction and away from people for reasons such as, but not limited to, escapes, intruders.

    They are a non-profit 501(c)3 and not an exbitor. According to the USDA all exbitors must "exibit", "exploit" their animals by allowing people to come into the facility. Real sanctuaries do not allow people to be present around the primates. Educating people on Primates does not mean that they have to visit or see them in person. That's what zoos are for.

    Before they open a new sanctuary they make sure that the primates are permitted not only on a state level but city and county. They obtain all permits before accepting any primates.

    They speak to the public about how primates should not be held in a personal way. In no way do they help pet owners of primates with care and feeding because this is NOT something that they believe in.

    This question is so strong that that is why PETA and other organizations send people in under cover to find out what the sanctuary is really doing and what they are all about. Most of the time when these Animal Welfare people conclude their investigation the results are that it is not a true sanctaury.

    With the question of good for the animals...
    All Primates need ample space to thrive. They need to live with troupes of monkeys not singly housed or with one other monkey. In the wild which truly is where they belong they live in troupes up to 30 monkeys. When monkeys are not housed in proper space and in troupes some of their natural behaviour does not exist.

    I hope this has helped.