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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Chimp Lady, Jeanne Rizzotto And The Public's Opinion

Chimp Lady Jeanne Rizzotto
Hopefully being a little more informed will help you understand the constant wreckage Jeanne Rizzotto leaves in her path wherever she goes. If you go to this website location www(dot)zoominfo(dot)com/people/Rizzotto_Jeanne_66249955.aspx This link might shed a little better light on her character for you, and perhaps help you realize her comments on the devotion she has for her chimps, is nothing more then hot air. They get her attention, and that is ALL she is keeping them for. She doesn't really care about Kramer and Connor as she said she does, or she would have NEVER left them alone for three months when she was wreaking havoc in the four corners area of NM/AZ with the Navajo people. I would encourage you to watch her actions, and NOT listen to her words, for they are nothing more then hot air! Too many people's lives have been touched by her in a deviously devastating way, and she refuses to show ANY remorse to any of them. Her continuous actions are all I personally need to say with a clear conscience, she doesn't deserve ANY respect! We have all made poor choices at some point in time in our life, myself included, but one would hope that we would learn from our mistakes, enable our actions to show remorse and work even harder to correct them. Rizzotto consistently finds a way to blame everyone else for her wrong doings, and tries to turn the tables on them...She is cold hearted and calculating, self centered, and at best a snake in the grass. I believe in her own words (and that on the Navajo Nation) a "fast talking billagana". In her Today Show interview she stated that she slaps herself and says "Wow, I have chimpanzees". She should just plain slap herself!!
latetotheshow 1 day ago
the zoominfo site is quite the eye-opener. Big time paper trail that will eventually catch up with the self-proclaimed chimp mom, Ms. Riz. She can run but she sure can't hide and one of these days all of this will catch up with her. One question, how does this felon "billagana" support herself and her children chimp?
Rico 5 hours ago
Rico For heavens sake people, forget the chimp story here, the real problem lies with Jeannie Rizzotto whom has successfully wagged the dog with this smoke and mirror story about chimps, not the real issue at hand. This woman has defrauded so many people out of money and services with her check kiting scheme its amazing she is not in a correctional institution, Galen and/or Warm Springs. This woman has committed idenity theft, credit card fraud, felony forgery, felon bad check writing and has bilked local engineers, appraisers and local banks out of thousands of dollars and has yet to repay a single dime to any of her victims. If she were a man (all koking aside) she would be in Deer Lodge or some other federal institution for the crimunally insane or dangerous offender classification. Forget the chimp story, thats the least of her problems. We will no doubt be reading more about this scam artist in the very near future or until she is locked up for any future offenses against society.
love2laugh 5 hours ago
For those of you who don't have the time to root thru all of the article clips on Zoominfo about Rizz, The following is an exerpt taken from an article where Peter McDonald was quoted in regards to the aftermath Rizzotto left in his life, as well as many others in the Navajo Nation..."Rizzotto broke into my e-mail account and downloaded my e-mails. She sent e-mails out on my account, pretending to be me. She claimed to have recordings and photographs of me in compromising positions," MacDonald said through his attorney, David Jordan. "Always it was the same story: `Stay with me, or I will use this information to hurt you and your family.' She showed me two guns that she carried with her at all times, and I became very afraid for the safety and well-being of myself and my family," MacDonald said in the statement. MacDonald then reportedly advised Rizzotto he would no longer give in to the threats and stopped working with her, the Independent said. Her deception reaches much further then that of intelligent, wealthy men like Casey and MacDonald. She has ruined a livelihood for a widowed Navajo store owner named Crucie, who trusted her, and was left high and dry, loosing EVERYTHING she has including her business, home, etc. to J.R.'s lies. More facts about MacDonald, and several people effected in the Navajo Nation can be found online in the Gallup Independent, a Newspaper covering the Arizona, New Mexico area.

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