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Friday, November 20, 2009

First Monkey In Space, Spider Monkey Dies Of Overdose


On June 3, 1981 Harlan the Monkey became the first primate to ever walk on the moon. Harlan died on November 18, 2009 of an apparent Tang overdose.

Comments on Artcile-

"Initial reports indicate no sign of forced entry and his cage door locked from the inside, but officials refuse to rule out foul play due to accusations by immediate family members claiming his private physician, Dr. Saliika Bhat brother of former comedian Rodney Dangerfield’s physician Dr. Vinni Boom Bhat, administered a fatal dose of anti-depressant medication immediately prior to his death. Dr. Bhat refused comment and is held on $500,000 bond.

Lawyers retained for the accused refused to comment pending autopsy results from the county medical examiner and receipt of formal indictments stating charges.

The family unsuccessfully attempted to restrict an impromptu service of last rites performed by The Reverend Vincent, the county’s well-known tumultuous and controversial former Central Panamanian Reformed Scientology Seventh-Day Episcopal Orthodox Spiritualist Veterinarian Padre.

Heirs to his elaborate west-coast estate begin formal proceedings disputing claims of direct parentage. "

"The estate’s assets include: two successful Lexus/Land Rover/Maserati automobile dealerships, 85 percent ownership in four popular regional seafood restaurants, three crates of Chiquita Bananas, eight hundred cases of vintage Luvs disposable diapers, and an exclusive fourteen-bedroom private cage with a 64-jet Jacuzzi built on 26 acres near Bel Aire, California that includes a off-site collection of museum-quality antique miniature circus bicycles."


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